Kate Garraway details dilemma over husband Dereks care Its a tough one!

Kate Garraway reveals NHS or private ’dilemma’ for Derek’s care

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Kate Garraway has been caring for her husband Derek at home after he was discharged from hospital last year following months of being treated in an NHS hospital for the impact coronavirus had on his body. The father of two still has a long way to go as he continues to make progress in getting his life back on track and the Good Morning Britain presenter has spoken many times about the experience she has had watching her spouse try to recover. On Friday, the ITV star spoke with guest Sharon Churchill about how she was prepared to get into debt to pay for private treatment as the waiting times under the NHS was too long.

Trying to sympathise with the guest, Kate said: “Not only are you in excruciating pain, but I would imagine very fearful over how this was going to progress.

“Because it is an operation that if you didn’t have, it could have led to more damage you might well have felt. You’re hanging by a balance.

“I mean a dilemma of accessing private medicine or continuing to wait for NHS, I don’t know what you’ve been through but it’s a conversation I’ve been having with Derek’s treatment,” she explained.

Opening up on her own point of view, the presenter added: “It’s such a tough one because if you don’t have that money, then what do you do at that point?

“But then on the other hand, there’s no price on being out on pain and in good health, is there?” Derek’s wife remarked.


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