Katie Price flirts with a businessman and gets 'touchy-feely' with him at boozy NTAs after dumping fiance Carl Woods

KATIE Price was spotted flirting with a businessman at the National Television Awards on Thursday night.

The 43-year-old revealed she was newly single after dumping her fiancé Carl Woods — then went on a booze bender at the National Television Awards.

Katie, 43, was seen flirting with several men during the evening.

But the model set her sights on a businessman at the show after-party, where she carried on drinking after her son Harvey had been taken home.

A source said: “The pair of them were walking around the party together, and could have easily been mistaken for a couple. They were very flirty.

“She looked very tipsy and kept leaning in to him, almost as if to kiss him.

“By that point Katie had been drinking steadily for hours, but she wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down and was drinking prosecco. She was definitely on a mission.”

The awards marked Katie’s first public appearance since The Sun revealed she had suffered an alleged attack at a home in Essex.

She said the incident had left her in shock and with a bruised face and suspected fractured jaw.

Police were called and a man in his 30s was arrested and was held in custody overnight.

Katie did not name her alleged attacker but on social media, speculation swirled it was Carl. He took to Instagram to insist that he was not responsible, saying: “Anyone who thinks I hit Katie is completely delusional.”

He went on: “I have never, and never would do anything to hurt Katie. The truth will be told.”

When Katie met Carl he was credited with helping her through a difficult period in her life after she was treated for PTSD.

She had battled drug and alcohol abuse and spent time in a therapy clinic.

Carl said earlier this year: “Everyone tells me she’s changed since she’s been with me and that I’ve made her happy.”

A spokeswoman for Katie declined to comment last night.

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