Katie Price reveals she’s having IVF for sixth baby and will call the child Miracle

KATIE PRICE has started gruelling IVF treatment in a desperate bid to have a “miracle” sixth child.

The 42-year-old mum of five says she craves a baby with new fiancé Carl Woods before her mother Amy loses a battle with terminal lung disease.

And The Sun can reveal Katie wants at least TWO more kids — whatever it takes.

In an exclusive chat last night, the former model said: “We’re going to call the baby Miracle.

“I’m doing this for my mum. She told me to have IVF so she can see us have kids. It will break my heart if she can’t.”

Katie also revealed that she and Carl, 31, have never used protection during sex — as they “knew they’d be together for ever” — but she is yet to get pregnant after trying for six months.

She added: “It has not happened naturally, unfortunately.

“I thought it would be easy as I’ve never had to plan it before. It’s always just happened.

“We have never been careful having sex from day one, as we knew we wanted to be together.

“But we really started properly trying in the Maldives in November.

“We’ve been planning it all on an app and having loads of sex on the three days I’m ovulating.

“We haven’t been doing it every day as they say not to.

"We don’t do it for three days ahead of ovulating, to make sure the sperm is stronger. We’ve tried everything.

“It’s frustrating as I feel young but I’m not inside. I’m 43 this month so I guess I need help.

“It’s always when you really want something that it doesn’t happen.

“Who knows, it could be down to the stress of trying so hard.”

There were rumours Katie was pregnant in April when she posed with her hand on her stomach in an Instagram post, with excited fans spotting a “baby bump”.

However, the speculation left her fuming as her desperate efforts have so far been in vain.

She said: “That was so annoying as everyone was speculating I was pregnant but I wasn’t. I wished I was.

“I have put on loads of weight, so I just felt like saying, ‘F*** off!’.

“We’ve been doing pregnancy tests every month but the last few months we haven’t bothered. It’s been so disheartening.”

Katie is already mum to Harvey, 18, whose dad is ex-Man Utd footballer Dwight Yorke, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with first husband Peter Andre, and Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, with third husband Kieran Hayler.

Carl and Katie began their IVF journey last week.

It is currently unclear how much bankrupt Katie will have to pay for the often lengthy and expensive process, but she says she does not care and is determined to pay “whatever it costs”.

The next step in their journey will be for Carl — a car dealer from Essex who appeared on 2016’s Love Island — to undergo tests and for Katie to see an obstetrician to establish whether she can carry a baby after four caesareans.

Katie said: “I’ve had my tests and the doctor said I’m still ovulating but my eggs are far less now.

“I had a scan and some blood tests and they were happy.

"The danger with me is I’ve got to see an obstetrician as I can’t give birth to a baby naturally.

“They need to check I can actually carry a baby. I may not be strong enough to do that because I’ve had four caesareans and because of my age.

“We want a baby so much, we’re very stressed about it.

“Last week we saw a doctor who reassured us we will have a baby.

“It is just how we do it now. Carl is getting tested because he’s never got anyone pregnant before.

“We don’t know yet but he might need medication to help his sperm.

"There’s obviously a reason why we’re not getting pregnant. Whatever happens, we’re having a baby this year.”

Katie suffered a torrid 2020, including breaking both her feet during a horror fall in Turkey.

Her son Harvey, who is disabled with complex needs, was in hospital for ten days in July after his temperature soared to 42 degrees.

She has since made the heart-wrenching decision to move the teenager to a residential college full-time after his weight ballooned to 28st.

And in March, Katie revealed her mum Amy, who was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2017, does not have long to live.

In January last year, Katie checked in for rehab at the Priory after suffering “severe trauma” and wanting to kill herself amid a build-up of what she describes as “s**t and mental abuse”.

She says it was the “best thing I ever did” and went on to give up booze before meeting Carl, who she calls the “love of my life”.

With him by her side, Katie is confident she can cope with the gruelling IVF process.

She said: “I know people who have had IVF and given up but I feel mentally prepared.

“I know it’s hard but we’re a team and we’ll get through it together.

“You’re never safe until the baby is born and you should always be careful.

"Will the IVF happen first time, second time, third time? Will the baby be healthy?

“Unfortunately, this is just what happens when you give birth in your forties.”

Katie adds that her children are looking forward to having another sibling, but she is yet to break the news to disabled son Harvey.

She said: “My kids will love it. They’re excited. I haven’t spoken to Harvey as he won’t understand.

“My sister Sophie is due to give birth soon and he kisses her belly and says, ‘Aw, a baby, congratulations’, and mimics a baby crying.

“Carl’s desperate for a baby, too. It’s only right he has his own kids as he’s so good with mine.

“He’s never been bothered about kids or marriage before, but he wants everything with me.

“And then we’ve got the wedding coming up.

“Who knows, I could be pregnant for that.”

Ex-model’s five kids with three fathers

HARVEY PRICE, 18. Father: Dwight Yorke

Harvey, who is partially blind and autistic and suffers with Prader-Willi syndrome, touched the hearts of the nation in recent BBC documentary Harvey And Me.

Katie has been vocal about 49-year-old ex-footballer Dwight’s lack of interest in parenting him.

JUNIOR ANDRE, 15. Father: Peter Andre

Budding actor Junior last year filmed indie flick On The Other Foot with singer dad Peter, 48.

He was recently struck down with coronavirus but revealed in an Instagram Live: “It’s not severe, it’s just annoying.” He launched his own fashion range aged 12.

PRINCESS ANDRE, 13. Father: Peter Andre

There was controversy when Katie shared photos of Princess in heavy make-up and filters.

But while the teenager follows in her mum’s glamorous footsteps, she also works hard at school, with Peter proudly boasting of her “great results” this week.

JETT HAYLER, seven. Father: Kieran Hayler

Born two months early while the couple were on holiday in France.

Despite splitting up in 2018, personal trainer Kieran, 34, insists the pair are amicable co-parents.

BUNNY HAYLER, six. Father: Kieran Hayler

Praised for her sweet relationship with Harvey by viewers of the BBC docu, Bunny is reportedly launching her own beauty range.

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