Katie Price slams celebrity shout-out service selling personal video messages from her and son Harvey for £100

KATIE Price has slammed a celebrity shout-out service for falsely claiming to have her as one of its biggest stars. 

The mum hit out at Swedish firm Memmo after it claimed Katie, son Harvey and boyfriend Carl Woods had joined their talent roster to provide personalised video messages.

Katie, 42, who was featured in a fake profile on the Memmo site before it was swiftly taken down, branded the claim #fakenews on Instagram. "This is not true," she wrote.

And now the founder of another shout-out service, UK based Thrillz – which has genuinely signed glamour girl Katie – claims its not the first time their rival has resorted to dirty tricks.

Entrepreneur Anjan Luthra, 29, who started Thrillz a year ago, told Sun Online that Memmo falsely lists several celebrities among its talent in a plot to steal their market share.

He said: "We've done things the hard way, we've grafted this past 12 months, being super honest and not taking any short cuts.

"But over the last few months a lot of celebrities have told me that they're angry because our rival Memmo has put their profile up without telling them and without permission.

"It has gotten quite strong with one of the celebrities, who I can't really name, saying he wants to sue Memmo. It's very unethical behaviour, they're taking shortcuts, they're catfishing.

"One of our users Katie Price exposed them which opened the door to what was going on, she's very particular about who she associates with and has built up a lot of trust with us.

"Since then Memmo has retreated and taken everything on her down."

Thrillz launched last year and has been rapidly attracting investors in their bid to compete with market leader Cameo in Europe.

In December, Gustav Lundberg and Tobias Bengtsdahl launched Memmo which, according to Forbes, has so far raised $2 million in investment cash. 

Memmo recently boasted of Katie's arrival on their platform with the message: "HUGE NEWS, Katie, Harvey and Carl have just joined memmo.me. Book a personal video message to send to loved ones and make their day!"

A profile touted the star for £100 a time personal video messages and £2,500 for marketing videos.

Katie hit back on Instagram saying: 'This is not true, I'm not with @memmo_uk I'm in fact with Thrillz uk for any messages for birthdays enganent (sic) businesses or any occasion."

The prolific model is charging £150 for messages of between 20 and 60 seconds on Thrillz.

A memmo.me spokesperson told Sun Online: "There was a miscommunication, based on conversations with an agent claiming to represent Katie Price.

"This has been resolved directly with Katie, who we remain on good terms with. As soon as this issue was made known to us, all marketing materials were taken down. 

"We categorically deny falsely claiming to have celebrities on the platform, an accusation which seems like nothing more than a competitor starting rumours about a rival business. 

"Enquiring about a publicly listed crowdfunding campaign is not the same as impersonating an investor and does not contravene the rules of the crowdfunding platform.”

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