Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion fan ‘calls the RSPCA’ on her as she ‘puts kitten in danger’ on new show | The Sun

A DISGRUNTLED Katie Price My Mucky Mansion viewer has begged the RSPCA to intervene after watching the show.

The viewer was appalled to see Katie, 44, using spray paint outdoors while a kitten was close by as she continued renovating her Sussex home.

They fumed on Twitter: "Beyond stupid @KatiePrice first you don’t care about your own health, spraying without a mask. Then her helpless kitten walks through the paint and she says 'get out cat I don’t want hairs in the paint'.

"@RSPCA please give the idiot guidance on animals and how not to poison them!"

The new feline's appearance comes after 26,000 people signed a petition to stop her owning animals following a spate of six accidental deaths.

The description of the three-year-old petition reads: "In the last five years more animals have died from lack of care. Horses. dogs.cats lizards hedgehogs. This isn't a single family tragedy.


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"It's a common thing in  Katie price home. 2 dogs have been ran over … A horse was run over on a motorway. Animals just go missing in her home never to been seen again.

"She jokes about her mucky mansion. But it ain't a joke that animals are dying from her lack of care."

Rolo the French Bulldog died by suffocation when the family's nanny sat on a chair that left him trapped.

This was only weeks after Katie got the dog as a present for her daughter Princess' 13th birthday.

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A German Shephard called Queenie was killed in a hit and run after it was hit by delivery driver.

Several of her dogs have been run over after they ran into the roads near her house and were hit by cars.

These include Sparkle the German Shephard, as well as Sharon the Pomeranian, both of which were run over by cars after they escaped onto the A24.

The former Loose Women star was also left traumatised after her an unnamed horse suffered a similar fate whilst Marvin the chameleon died of a broken heart.

She currently has two other canine pets, Buddy the Chihuahua and another protection dog named Blade which she got after she was held at gunpoint in 2018.

Carl Woods, 33, also gifted his partner a new French Bulldog for their 6-month anniversary which they named Precious.

However, they gave the pup away to a crew member after less than a year of caring for her.

Katie also gave away her hairless cat Hagrid to the friend from her local stables, only two years after she gave away another cat, Dobby.

A representative for Katie Price told the Sun: "I'll be honest I don't take much notice in regards to what pets Kate has…as far as I know there isn't a new cat."

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