Katy Perry teases American Idol first

Katie Perry on meeting contestants with the same name as her

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ABC’s long-running competition series, American Idol has finally returned to screens with season 21. Speaking on the upcoming episodes, singer Katy Perry teased a series first. 

For the fifth year running, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan have returned to the American Idol panel to judge some of the USA’s best singers. 

The trio have been in the judging seat consistently since the show’s revival in 2018, with Ryan Seacrest returning as host since 2002. 

Season 21 kicked off on Sunday, with the first batch of auditions already taking place in New Orleans, Las Vegas and Nashville. 

Despite this, Katy dished on what viewers can expect as the season unfolds. 

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Alongside fellow judge Lionel, the duo appeared on Friday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

As they opened up about meeting contestants they shared a name with, Katy shared: “That was my first one.

“We were filming, it was such a long, intense day and at the end of the filming they brought all these people on.

“They literally, on their birth certificates had the same name as us and they just brought them out one by one.” 

Katy recalled: “We just thought ‘No way,’ and we were just like melting, ‘This is crazy.’”

During a VT of the upcoming episodes, the talk show provided a glimpse of the judges being shocked to discover contestants with the same name as them.

It showed the accomplished country singer Luke Bryan guffaw as a competitor introduced himself as Luke Bryan, to which he responded: “It better not be.”

As Lionel watched on in shock, the contestant confirmed: “Definitely Luke Bryan, I can promise you that.” 

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Elsewhere in the preview, another singer introduced herself as Katy Perry. 

As she showed off her sign which read, “The other Katy Perry,” the talented judge cheered to learn they shared a name. 

Meanwhile, the Hello singer was also shocked to be met with another Lionel, as he shouted: “What?

After Luke asked: “Who are you named after,” the contestant pointed at the panellist and replied: “I’m named after Lionel Richie.”

While this was a series first for American Idol, the coincidences didn’t stop there as Ryan Seacrest also came across another Ryan Seacrest.

As the young lady introduced herself to the host and confirmed they shared a name, Ryan was taken aback to see it displayed on her driver’s license. 

He stated: “It’s just so weird. It’s like looking in a mirror.” 

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, Lionel added: “They found a Lionel, but you won’t find too many Lionel Richies. Thank God.”

American Idol season 21 continues Sundays on ABC in the USA.

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