Kelly Clarkson breaks down in tears while speaking with protester about her father just weeks after painful divorce – The Sun

KELLY Clarkson broke down in tears as a Black Lives Matter protestor shared an emotional story about her dad three weeks after the singer’s painful divorce.

The 38-year-old host had to pause and take a moment when the topic of fatherhood came up while filming a segment for The Kelly Clarkson show on Tuesday.

Kelly spoke with guest Samantha Francine – who’s picture standing up to an angry critic at a Montana Black Lives Matter protest went viral.

Samantha explained during the Behind the Photo series that she was inspired by her dad, who passed away 16 years ago this month.

“One of the things he always used to tell us as kids is no matter who or what it is, make sure that they look you in the eye so they have to acknowledge you’re human.

“And he passed away 16 years ago today this month so it made the moment really powerful,” she said of her dad’s advice.

The Voice judge was blown away by Samantha’s story and replied: “That is the most powerful thing he taught you.

“What an amazing father to teach you so much with one sentence.

“That’s an amazing thing to make sure someone looks you in the eye and knows…” she begins to say before she has to stop.

A wave of emotion appears to overcome Kelly, as she holds up her hand and begins to cry.

After a moment, she is able to collect herself and resumes but continues to have a shaky voice during the interview.

Kelly has been open in the past about her troubled relationship with her estranged father, Stephen, who died in 2019.

The Grammy winner said she had not had any communication with her dad in years due to their "unhealthy relationship."

She went deeper into the struggles she has with her dad during her 2015 emotional hit, Piece by Piece.

The American Idol winner talked about the song earlier this year just after Stephen's passing.

“From the moment I wrote it, just being pregnant with my little girl and then you know all the moments that I really did try and make it work with my father and life and just get completely let down to where.

"You know he passed away months ago. So that’s that’s why,” she said of the track's heartfelt meaning.

On June 4, Kelly filed for divorce from her music manager husband after seven years of marriage.

Sources close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight: "Kelly and Brandon had been having problems for several months and had been making an effort to work things out."

Insiders added: "They both hoped quarantining away from LA in Montana would help them work things out in their marriage, but instead the change in environment was actually detrimental.

"The constant time together seemed to make an already challenging situation worse."

Last week, the singer appeared heartbroken as she covered the iconic song during a segment for The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday.

She looked devastated as she went through the heartbreaking lyrics from the legendary tune.

“I would rather go blind boy, than to see you, walk away from me child,” Kelly sings.

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