Kerry Katona's daughter Molly teased at school over mum's drug use

Kerry Katona’s eldest daughter Molly McFadden has said other kids would pick on her at school because of her mum’s past drug use.

Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry has spoken openly of her drug use in the past and documented just how bad things got for her in an 2010 documentary that followed her journey to sobriety, titled Kerry Katona: Coming Clean.

The doc included footage of Kerry snorting cocaine and she revealed on Loose Women on Monday that she had made her daughters Molly, 18, and Lilly-Sue, 17, who she shares with Westlife star Brian McFadden, watch the show when they were younger.

She explained how she wanted the girls to be aware of her past before they started school, with Molly revealing kids would tease her over her mum’s drug use.

She said that even her younger siblings Heidi, 13, and Max, 11 – who Kerry shares with ex Mark Croft – have been taunted because of it too, while pointing out to the panel that the kids teasing her sister and brother ‘shouldn’t even know’ about Kerry’s past.

Molly was praised by viewers for her appearance on Loose Women – that was filmed without a studio audience as a precautionary measure against coronavirus – as she explained how she tries to let nasty comments about mum Kerry ‘go over her head’.

Molly said she doesn’t really remember watching back Kerry’s documentary with her mum, admitting: ‘I don’t remember it as well as I probably should have. To me it wasn’t a big deal… I pushed it to the back of my mind.’

On how she deals with the nasty comments, Molly, who now lives and attends school in Ireland, said: ‘I think it’s just something you have to deal with and let it go over your head.

‘As long as you know the truth and you know your own family, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else says.’

Kerry shared the same idea and said she doesn’t want others to judge her children – she is also mum to daughter DJ Rose, five – because of her mistakes.

‘What upsets me more than anything is the fact that my kids will be forever scrutinised or be brought down because of my past mistakes that have nothing to do with my children. That’s the cross that I have to bear and that kills me,’ Kerry said.

Getting emotional, Kerry took a moment to catch her breath as she teared up.

‘How am I supposed to move on with my life if you keep on bringing it up all the time?’ she said.

Kerry and Molly were also seen joking about rumours Molly would be signing up for Love Island. Kerry had previously said she’d be all for her daughter appearing on the ITV2 dating show, so they can get rich.

Asked if she was signing up, Molly set the record straight and told Andrea McLean: ‘No. Absolutely not,’ adding that she’ll leave reality TV to her mum.

But, Kerry’s still hoping and wishing, though.

‘If I’ve got anything to do with it, she will, I need a new house,’ she joked.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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