Line of Duty fans spot major clue hinting Kate is undercover and knows Ryan

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Line of Duty viewers are certain that Kate Fleming is working undercover as they think she's suspicious of Ryan Pilkington.

An eagle-eyed noticed a clue after watching Sunday night's dramatic second instalment of the sixth series.

Fans were gutted as they found out Kate is no longer working on AC-12, but it seems she has a mission of her own.

She seemed to notice the face of a young officer, who happened to be the youngest member of the organised crime unit (OCG) as his picture appeared on her computer during one of Sunday's scenes.

Line of Duty fans know that he managed to infiltrate the police at the end of the last series, but that wasn't the first time the character has been on the programme.

Ryan was seen in the first-ever series on the Borogrove Estate and he was recruited into the OCG by Tommy Hunter as a courier of burner phones.

Later, he returned in series five and was the one who slit undercover cop John Corbett's throat.

His identity in the gang was hidden by fellow member Lisa McQueen, so the character managed to be accepted for training as a student officer.

As he appeared in the office, Kate was certain she recognised his face.

One fan is convinced that Kate is undercover after seeing the picture of Ryan on her computer.

Sharing her findings on Twitter, the viewer said: "Kate knows!! #LineOfDuty did anyone else clock this??"

Other fans flocked to comment, with one replying: "What a spot. Thought you'd edited it, but been back and watched it again. Kudos."

"You could spot an armed robbery down a side street from a speeding police car," laughed another.

A third penned: "No. I totally missed it though I noticed she was looking at him funny. Thanks."

Line of Duty airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One.

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