Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha tucks into a taco in a yellow bikini as she mocks Kim Kardashian AGAIN

LOOSE Women star Nadia Sawalha posed in a yellow bikini brandishing a flatbread as she continued her campaign of ridiculing Kim Kardashian.

The 56-year-old mum of two stripped off and copied a recent picture shared by the 40-year-old US reality star.

Kim posed with the snack writing: "Is it Taco Tuesday yet?!?! 🌮"

But Nadia, clad in a very similar yellow bikini replied: "No . Not in Sarf london it’s not… it’s bloody mince Monday luv and I’ve got a right cob on!"

Fans were in hysterics with one declaring it the "BEST ONE YET 😂😂😂".

Another told her: "you've totally nailed this.. you look amazing.. You are the real deal 🤔 I swear Kim has copied you again 😘😅🤣."

Nadia has been tormenting Kim with mocking lookalike posts for months now, usually targeting her Skims clothing range.

In one posted in March the former EastEnders actress cavorted in a fishnet catsuit, rebranding the label as 'Skids'.

Then, in April, she stripped totally naked and posed covering her boobs just like Kim did in an iconic picture.

And last month she posed in a crop top with her tummy out joking that she was wearing "pigeon poo" grey.

Kim has never responded to the teasing, despite the shots being tagged with a range of Kardashian-based terms.


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