Love Is Blind Recap: Did Bliss Take Zack Back After He Dumped Her in the Pods?

Zack really fumbled the bag in Season 4 of Love Is Blind.

His two strongest connections in the Pods were Irina and Bliss. While he admitted that he could see himself with Bliss long-term, the criminal defense attorney ultimately chose to propose to Irina. That was a big mistake considering Bliss was thoughtful, even baking him cupcakes for his birthday, and seemed like the obvious choice.

Upon Zack’s first meeting with Irina, she mocked his looks and pushed him away. The newly engaged couple then crashed and burned on their trip to Mexico, with Irina admitting she wasn’t attracted to him (and setting her sights on Micah’s fiancé Paul). They broke up, and Zack returned to Seattle to meet up with Bliss. So, did she take him back in their first face-to-face encounter? (Note: Episodes 6-8 are now streaming on Netflix.)

In Episode 6, Zack pretty much groveled at Bliss’s feet during their solo dinner and recounted all the nice things she did for him compared to Irina. He even asked if he maintained too much eye contact, which Irina previously criticized him for. Bliss held her ground, though, and pointed out that Zack was backtracking.

In Episode 7, Zack took Bliss on a boat date and the chemistry was still there. Zack then proposed — like he originally should have — and Bliss accepted at the top of Episode 8. “Even though there’s all this crazy drama that’s happened, and he was literally engaged to someone else, I feel like it is right,” she said of their engagement.

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Although Bliss accepted Zack’s proposal, she was still dealing with rejection and feeling like a second choice. Zack tried to assure Bliss that he has a real love with her, admitting that she was the right choice. “You’d be the second choice if I still wanted to be with [Irina],” he explained, noting that he wanted nothing to do with his ex-fiancé.

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