Love Island fans beg Olivia to move on as they accuse her of ruining Kais time

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    Love Island viewers are begging Oliva Hawkins to "move on" after she appeared to still have an issue with Kai Fagan during the latest episode.

    On Monday night's show (February 20) Olivia was still on a mission to let Kai know that she had a problem with the way she was treated by him following the recoupling.

    Despite being together before Casa Amor, both Kai and Oliva recoupled with other people.

    Although they both have new partners, it was evident that Oliva still had an issue that she felt needed to be resolved.

    But fans seem to have had enough of Olivia's constant complaints and headed over to Twitter to air their annoyance.

    One viewer said: "Olivia you came in with someone else. Just accept it and move on, Kai has. We don't care."

    Another said: "Olivia is trying to ruin Kai’s time. Get this girl out of here and get her employed, she’s toooooo bored."

    A third viewer chimed: "Olivia is only acting like this because she’s still feeling him. She needs to move on."

    While a fourth added: "Olivia is really forgetting she forgot Kai’s name in Casa please, Kai was good to move on."

    During the episode, Olivia was adament that Kai must know that she was unimpressed when he used the word "fake" to describe her.

    But Kai was not in the mood for Olivia's argument and told her it was best if she concentrated on her connection with Maxwell Samuda while he focuses on his connection with Sanam Harrinanan.

    Later on in the show, Olivia and Sanam had a word and they also agreed to put any tension behind them.

    But to rub salt into Olivia's wounds, a text message revealed that Sanam and Kai was heading out of the villa for their first date.

    Seeing Olivia's reaction to the couple's date, viewers had a lot to say about this too.

    Heading over to Twitter again, someone said: "You can tell Olivia is getting salty about Kai and Sanam's date."

    Another penned: "Olivia was definitely burning after hearing Sanam talking about her date with Kai."

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