Love Island fans divided over Amy’s quick Curtis jibe

Love Island fans were in for a treat tonight as they tuned in to watched the show’s unseen bits.

In a challenge that didn’t make it to air, the contestants took part in a French-themed competition where the boys were set an eating contest.

The males had to chow down on a buffet of quintessentially French food and transfer the taste to their respective partners in order for them to guess the correct delicacy.

A wedge of blue cheese, snails, and frogs legs all featured on the menu.

Despite Curtis Pritchard cooling it off with “half-girlfriend” Amy Hart a day before, the pair were back locking lips in order to win the competition. 

After the duo exchanged a smooch to figure out the food item, Amy couldn’t help but take a swipe at her former beau. 

Revealing her answer, she explained: “I put snails but then I crossed it out and put blue cheese. 

“And then I went back to snails and went with my gut as apparently that’s what you do these days. “

A miffed Curtis couldn’t help but notice the subtle dig. 

And neither could fans as many were left divided over the jibe. 

One viewer who saw the funny side wrote: “Amy throwing shade towards Curtis and his gut. Lol.”

“I’m sorry but Curtis deserve those sly digs from Amy. He was a complete arse to her,” a second explained.

While others felt sorry for the ballroom dancer.

“Amy is so childish. Fair, what Curtis did wasn’t nice but honestly the way she’s acting is just making him glad he made the decisions he has”, one put.

Another viewer agreed: “Really don’t like Amy, she’s got so many nasty undertones it’s unreal.”

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