Love Island fans spot 'secret feud' between Faye and Clarisse after awkward dressing room moment

LOVE Island fans believe they've spotted a "secret feud" between Faye and Clarisse after an awkward moment in the dressing room.

The bombshell returned to the main villa from Casa Amor after Tyler ditched original partner Kaz to be with her.

Kaz was left devastated when she saw a photo of the two snogging on the show's infamous postcard, and coupled up with Matt in retaliation.

Ever since, the foursome have been embroiled in an awkward "love square", with Kaz even being branded a hypocrite for her treatment of Matt while she continues to graft to win Tyler back.

In last night's episode, Kaz and Tyler sneaked off for a secret chat on the terrace, which Islanders get to via the dressing room – and didn't realise Clarisse had entered the room while they were outside.

As they walked through the door from the terrace, Faye was also entering the dressing room from the other side.

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She exclaimed: "Oh hi! Sorry guys, I'm literally just straightening my hair…"

Tyler told Clarisse to find him downstairs once she was ready before he and Kaz left.

Clarisse then painstakingly tried to catch Faye's eye, pulling a face at her fellow Islander as they fixed their hair.

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However, Faye didn't say anything in response or offer any comfort – with the beauty a close friend of Kaz's.

Viewers picked up on the awkward interaction, and flocked to Twitter to respond to the cringe-worthy scene – which they believe is proof of a secret feud.

One wrote: "Clarisse is looking to Faye for a reaction and Faye is thinking 'we aren’t friends why you looking at me' lol".

Another tweeted: "Clarisse looked over to Faye in the dressing room and Faye said I’m not involved."

A third shared: "The way Faye didn’t even try to speak to Clarisse…"

One more echoed: "Hahahahah the akward silence between Faye and Clarisse shows the divide between casa amour girls and main villa girls".

Later in the episode, Tyler ended things with Clarisse in a painstaking chat – which saw the bombshell remove her heels and leave the garden while visibly upset.

However, none of the other girls followed to check that she was okay, further raising eyebrows among those watching at home.

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