Love Island First Look: Maura Higgins and Elma Pazar to clash as they fight over newcomer?

Maura, 28, was seen heading on a double date at the end of last night’s instalment of Love Island after failing to recouple with one of the boys.

Anna Vakili, 28, and Maura will be seen on their dates with newcomers Tom Walker, 29, and Jordan Hames, 24, before heading back to the villa.

Shortly after meeting their other islanders, the boys are seen revealing who they have their eyes on in the short first look clip from tonight’s instalment of the ITV dating show.

It seems Tom will cause a stir as he expresses his interest in Elma, 26, only minutes after finishing his date with Maura.

Although Maura seems ok with the admission at first, Anton Danyluk, 24, is the first to voice his annoyance at the new arrival having recently coupled up with Elma.

In the beach hut, Anton says: “Some set-up. A guy that comes in and his job is to be good looking and a model likes a girl I’m coupled up with.”

After the night’s events, the girls are then seen getting ready for the following evening in the first look clue with Yewande Biala, 23, asking Elma her thoughts on Tom.

Within ear shot of Maura, Yewande asks: “Do you fancy Tom?” to which Elma responds: “He’s a really good-looking boy, like I’d get on with him.”

Yewande then asks: “Based on personality, would you go for Anton or Tom?” with Elma explaining: “They’re equally the same.”

When asked if she is keeping her options open, Elma tells the girls: “Yeah, I think you can’t really rule anything out in here.”

I’m f****** raging

Maura Higgins

Maura is later seen speaking with Lucie Donlan, 21, and voices her annoyance at Elma showing a possible interest in Tom.

Having failed to recouple with Tommy Fury, 20, at the end of last night’s show, Maura tells Lucie: “What f*****g annoys me the most though, she’s coupled up with Anton, she has the chance.

“I’m not coupled up with anyone. Do you know what? I haven’t had the chance to couple up with anyone.

“She’s meant to be my f*****g best friend and now what, am I going to have to fight for him as well? Talk about destroying my confidence.”

Later in the beach hut, Maura exclaims: “I’m f*****g raging.”

With the Irish model furious with Elma, could this lead the best friends to fall out over the new boy, or will Maura manage to convince her fellow islander to stay loyal to Anton?

Tonight’s episode will also see the established couples vote on which pair are the least compatible and therefore, at risk of being dumped from the Island.

The couples will be seen deliberating in their pairs over who to vote for and it seems Joe Garratt, 22, believes he and partner Lucie will be in the firing line.

After the pair had a disagreement in last night’s episode, Joe tells Lucie: “Who do you reckon is going to vote for us? I reckon there will be a few.”

Lucie replies to Joe: “We’ve been here from the start. You can see there are true feelings,” but will their feelings be enough to secure their future in the villa?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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