Love Island: Georgia Harrison says Curtis Pritchard should DUMP Amy Hart and reveals the moment she thinks he ‘lost interest’ in exclusive OK! online column

What an explosive time it’s been with the introduction of Casa Amor – heads have turned that I never even thought would.

The entire twist is a big chance for the singletons to finally get a partner and start making things happen – but it seems this year, it's the people who are already coupled up who are sparking romances.

For the girls, there’s going to be some major heartache when they return to the villa tonight – like Josh and Kaz from last year, but a whole lot worse.

Will Curtis leave Amy in the lurch?

Curtis and Amy have been the strongest couple from the start. However, I think as soon as they weren’t voted in the top three couples during a recent task, that’s the moment when Curtis began to doubt his feelings for her – and realised the public weren't as fond of her as he thought.

I’ve not seen any connection between him and Jourdan, but now he suddenly wants to couple up with her and dump Amy – I’m well shocked, but I guess that’s the beauty of Love Island.

Amy has been quite immature with certain situations – particularly when Lucie and Joe became exclusive – and she looked ridiculous. Now Curtis is seeing what a relationship could be like without such cattiness, and he likes what he sees.

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He shouldn’t be afraid to take risks and go with his gut, as this is Love Island after all! But I don’t think Amy is going to be able to take it, and predict she might even walk from the villa if he couples up with someone else.

Michael's making moves on Joanna

Michael has found everything he’s looking for in Joanna, and I’m all for it – Amber has really shown her age over the past few days, and now he’s met someone who is a bit more mature and to me, looks like a perfect fit.

I’m still grossed out by how rude Anna and Amber were about Danny kissing Arabella, and I think things like that have haunted Michael, too.

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He shouldn’t feel bad about choosing Joanna, which he’s bound to do, but I just hope he’s ready for a world of drama when he does.

Anton is getting nowhere

For me, I think Anton’s time is nearly up in the villa. He’s provided us with so many laughs, but he’s just not been compatible with any of the girls – even with Casa Amor providing lots of options.

Him and Belle are making me cringe a bit, because there doesn’t look to be any connection there at all – she just asked to share a bed with him and ‘tickled his back’.

Then again, Maura isn’t in the strongest position either, and I don’t think she’s too fond of any of the new guys. Her and Tommy's brief fling seems like a world away now, but I hope she does find love as she is absolutely wicked TV.

Speak soon guys!

Georgia x

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