Love Island’s Anton reveals secret rift with Amy as he admits they don’t get on

Love Island star Anton Danyluk has revealed a secret rift with Amy Hart by confirming they don't get on.

The Scottish telly hunk confessed his real feelings about the air stewardess in a game of Snog, Marry or Avoid.

In a Beach Hut Hook Up video, posted on the Love Island Instagram page, Anton answer questions from viewers.

One of the requests was for him to play the game, which involved him naming which of the girls he gets along with and who he doesn't like that much.

Anton revealed he would kiss Molly-Mae, marry Anna and avoid Amy.

He said: "I would snog Molly because to be honst I think she's the fittest girl in here.

"I would marry Anna purely because I think that she's the one I get on in here the best and we've got so much in common.

"I would avoid Amy just purely because I don't think we really click."

Amy has been getting viciously trolled over her antics in the villa, with some accusing her of acting like a mean girl over her treatment of on/off pal Lucie.

Anton went on to reveal he still wants to couple up with newbie Arabella even though she's got her eye on Danny.

he explained: "I probably would have coupled up with Arabella, I don't see anything romantic with anyone else in the villa."

The show returns tonight with plenty of drama as rocky couple Yewande and Danny clash over his interest in the blonde model.

The Irish stunner is seen breaking down in tears as she confesses she wants to leave the villa due to all the upset.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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