Love Island's Arabella snogs Curtis who gives her 10 and out of 10 after mistaking her for Amy

LOVE Island gets tense tonight as Arabella Chi snogs Curtis Pritchard as part of a game – and he rates her ten out of ten.

The problem is, blindfolded Curtis rated his ‘half-girlfriend’ Amy only seven out of ten so she’s left furious at him.

The row comes as the Islanders play the blindfolded kissing game – where the lads have to snog all the girls while wearing an eyemask, then rate them out of ten.

The girl with the highest score wins – and clearly, Arabella’s got better skills than Amy.

It all kicks off when Curtis, having previously scored Amy a seven, is impressed by Arabella’s kiss and says “good connection, it was a ten.”

But Amy’s furious, and rants in the Beach Hut: “Curtis gave supermodel Arabella a ten because it was a great connection. And he gave me a seven so that’s not cool.”

When the boys pull their blindfolds off, Curtis realises he’s made a huge mistake – but the other lads find it hilarious.

Amy claims she tried to give Curtis a clue it was her, saying: “I scratched your neck like I always do, so you knew it was me. And then you gave me a seven and rated everyone else really high.”

But Curtis carries on insisting that he didn’t know who was who.

Later on, the pair win a date, and the ballroom dancer is keen to make up with Amy.

Curtis says: “I want to talk about today. I made a mistake. I feel like I did mess up. How are you feeling?”

Amy replies: “I’ve had time to cool down. I don’t like to be made to look stupid. My pride was hurt a bit.”

Trying to win her over, he adds: “I don’t know how I didn’t know it was you. I felt really bad.”

Love Island is on ITV2, tonight, at 9pm

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