Love Island’s Cassidy breaks down in tears after Grant betrays her by telling Tayla ‘I want to snog you so bad’ – The Sun

LOVE Island's Cassidy broke down in tears tonight after Grant betrayed her by telling Tayla "I want to snog you so bad".

Personal trainer Grant left fans raging by sending mixed messages to Cassidy, after asking to hook up with stunning radio DJ Tayla.

The 24-year-old could be heard chatting to the brunette beauty on the day beds and blurted out: "I want to snog you so badly."

Cassidy spotted the pair and burst into tears with Erin telling her to ditch him.

But she confronted Grant who denied he had feelings for Tayla, and she later asked Tayla to back off.

Viewers were furious with Grant and slammed him on Twitter.

One raged: "I wouldn’t trust Grant at all"

Another said: "I mean… I'm not even surprised at Grant. His last name is literally 'Crapp'"

One more said: "Grant is lying like a rug to Cassidy about how he feels about Tayla "

Cassidy told Grant she would make him pick between her and Tayla if he kept taking the beauty for chats.

She said: "I don't want to give you an ultimatum but I'm at the point where you can't have the one on ones and I don't want to see you talking alone to a girl who has made it clear she is very into you.

"You've got my confidence and my trust and I just want it back."

Before going into the villa in 2018 Grant revealed what he was looking for on the show.

He said: "I get p***ed off when people question me about finding love at such a young age.

"Hopefully I'll find my futre wife on Love Island."

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