Love Island's Faye shocks as she admits she doesn't know the alphabet – and can't get past letter P

LOVE Island fans were horrified to discover that Faye doesn't know the alphabet after struggling to get past the letter 'P'.

The 26-year-old lettings manager was chatting to her fellow Love Islander pals in a hilarious clip from Saturday's show when she tried to recite the alphabet.

Relaxing outside with Sharon, Rachel and Liberty, Faye started singing her A B C's.

But the Devonshire bombshell got a little confused after reaching the letter 'P' and had to ask her pals if she was singing it correctly.

Turning to the girls, she asked: "Is that actually right? I don’t know the rest."

Her gaffe didn't go unnoticed by the other contestants, who promptly screamed: "You don’t know the alphabet?"

Sharon tried to help the beauty by listing the rest of the letter for her, as Faye asked: "What?… Oh my god!”

A clearly embarrassed Faye covered her mouth and screamed "oh my God," before attempting to recite the alphabet in full again.. only to fail yet again.

"Bloody hell girl," Sharon said, "I can’t believe I’m teaching you how to do the alphabet!"

It comes after Faye came to blows with Chloe Burrows in a furious screaming match as their secret feud reached boiling point.

The pair rowed after Chloe snogged Kaz's partner Toby in the Line of Booty challenge.

Chloe heard Faye talking about the explosive kiss with Rachel as the news that Toby's head had been turned rippled through the villa.

The 25-year-old stood up and said: "I can't be a***d with this drama. Oh dear."

But Faye screamed back: "Don't 'oh f***ing dear'. Just shut up and stop f***ing looking over here."

Chloe, who is also a volunteer for Guide Dogs UK, refused and yelled: "Why are you telling me to shut up?!"

But Faye shouted: "Stop being nosy and stay over there and have your wine!"

Chloe later turned around to new girls Millie and Lucinda and said "F*** me" admitting she was "fuming" with the situation.

However the following day, Faye was keen to clear the air with Chloe, and apologised for her hot-headed behaviour.

When Chloe first entered the villa, Faye was initially coupled up with Brad McClelland but that didn't stop the bombshell from setting her sights on him.

It led to Brad admitting he had no interest in Faye and he quickly made a move on Chloe.

But his smooth moves spectacularly backfired when Chloe lost interest in him after he failed to ask her any questions about herself.

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