Love Islands Jake Cornish tells Liberty Poole he loves her as she questions what is for camera

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Love Island's Jake Cornish has told his girlfriend Liberty Poole that he 'loves her' after she voiced concerns about their relationship.

The 24 year old water engineer, from Weston-Super-Mare, who recently revealed that both Millie Court and Mary Bedford are his type, opened up to Liberty, 21, on the terrace of the villa on Friday 13 August.

Liberty pulled her beau Jake for a chat on the terrace after the challenge saw them voted the most 'one-sided' couple and not in the top three most 'genuine' couples.

Jake said: "I feel like I have found what I have been looking for because I love you. I love you for you. I do love you.

"Liberty Amor Poole. You make me so happy and I love you," he said before embracing his girlfriend with a kiss.

It comes after the blonde beauty said: "This is going to be the conservation of all conversations. We air out both what we want to say, how we have both been feeling over however long this has been going on for.

"If it nips in the bud, it nips in the bud, if we decide to whatever, we decide to whatever, but these things need to be addressed now

"So obviously number one, I said I loved you four weeks ago when I said I wanted to be your girlfriend, you haven't said that back to me. I know everyone moves at their own pace, I get that, however why not?

"Number two. How much do you actually like me and how much is for camera?"

It comes after Jake told an unimpressed Liberty: "I feel like, ever since the movie night onward, I just feel like it's not been the same."

He added: "Millie's my type, Mary's my type. I know a good looking girl, I can appreciate a good looking girl, but you're my girlfriend!"

Liberty started to doubt her relationship with Jake after he prevented her from running over to hug her best friend Kaz Kamwi after she went exclusive with Tyler Cruickshank, and instead, made the new couple come over to them.

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