Love Islands Lana to walk as Ron moves on with newcomer Ellie

Love Island: Bombshell Ellie gets between Lana and Ron in teaser

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The awkward episode of the ITV reality show saw bombshell Ellie Spence catching the eye of Ron Hall, who was coupled with Lana Jenkins. Naturally, Lana wasn’t pleased when it seemed the two had hit it off, and she let her feelings be known. In the teaser for Friday’s episode, a tearful Lana seems to have made a decision, while Ron appears regretful. After the seconds-long clip, some think Lana will “walk” on Friday.

It came as Ellie caused chaos by deciding to set her sights on Ron, despite him spending the week with Lana.

In a preview of Friday’s episode, an upset Lana seems to make a drastic decision.

In a conversation between Ellie and Ron, the newcomer commented: “I still wouldn’t want to share a bed with anyone else but you.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Ron responded, clearly talking about Lana.

He added: “You can’t just sort of wife yourself off,” as Ellie agreed: “No, 100 percent.”

In a different scene, Lana spoke to Ron about the situation.

“I am not getting involved in a trio thing,” she told him. “I’m not. I’m not involved in this s***, so that’s that.”

She is also seen crying while talking to the girls as she explained: “I get too kind and then they just walk all over me.”

Later, Ron remarked: “I just f***d it, really.”

Could he soon be full of regret for having his head turned by the new islander?

It’s possible the drama sees Lana deciding to leave the villa, as some fans have predicted.

Taking to social media, viewers discussed the love triangle and some believe Lana could “walk”.

Twitter user @muddyringlets wrote: “Lana’s gonna leave of her own accord when she realises Ron isn’t reciprocating.


@jmulaann added: “Poor Lana she might leave if Ron’s head turns looooool #loveisland.”

@MissAsh_7 shared: “Yesss Lana please finally walk away from Ron, she deserves better than him, his head will keep turning when new bombshells come in, he has had his fun, it’s time for Lana to have hers. #LoveIsland.”

“THE PREVIEWWWW OMG! well well we’ll Ron what do we have here. lana isn’t just gonna let you walk all over her #loveisland,” @iguessikstuff enthused.

Others had less sympathy though, with @betty_ekems writing: “Tbh the reason we are not feeling any of these couples, Ron+lana, Shaq+Tanya) is cause it’s too soon for them to already be pretending that they’re closed off. It’s not even been 2 weeks. #loveisland.” (sic)

@Carrie10309666 penned: “Tomorrow night looks… Lana needs to bring out her inner bad b cause I know it’s there she’s too soft,I feel so bad for her, as for ron he will end up with no one guaranteed. ellie is only there to stir the pot then she will dip watch#loveisland.” (sic)

Love Island continues on Friday at 9pm on ITV.

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