Love Island's Michael has doubts over Joanna and says Amber is 'stunning' as she plots to steal him back

LOVE Island's Michael Griffiths admits he has doubts over his romance with Joanna Chimonides – as his ex Amber Gill reveals her plan to win him back on tonight's show.

The 28-year-old was originally coupled up with the Geordie beauty but had his head turned while she was away at Casa Amor and coupled up with Joanna, 22.

And now, Michael discusses how he's found himself in the middle of a love triangle with pal Jordan Hames asking what he'll do.

Answering him, Michael says: "It's not a bad position to be in. Joanna's unbelievable and Amber's stunning as well."

Away from earshot, Amber is catching up with Maura Higgins, 28, following the Dirty Dancing challenge and reflects on how she set Michael's pulse racing the most out of the girls.

Out of earshot, Amber whispered: "I can't believe she [Joanna] was crawling on the floor and stuff.

"She was going for it and all I had to do was go [shakes her hips] and his heart rate was racing."

The 21-year-old then revealed that the Liverpudlian firefighter's reaction is what she needed as she questioned what will happen between them going forward.

"I just needed that, that's all I needed," she continued. "Thank you, now I know I'm not going insane and there is still something.

"I didn't realise how much I needed to know that Michael's heart rate was raised by Amber."

The latest love triangle comes after Amber's sexy lap dance set ex Michael's pulse racing more than his new girl Joanna in the Dirty Dancing challenge.

The lads and the girls were tasked with performing sizzling routines while wearing very little in the villa garden.

Amber told the Beach Hut how she gave equal attention to all the boys so no one felt left out, and Michael was certainly appreciative of her efforts.

When the results were read out by Amber herself, he pulled a sheepish face while delighted Amber cheekily poked out her tongue.

Joanna awkwardly raised her hand to her face, while Jordan did his best to reassure Michael, telling him: "It's happened to the best of us, bro."

The challenge came a day after Amber broke down when she revealed she still has feelings for Michael following a VERY awkward chat with Marvin Brooks.

The 21-year-old beauty cried to pals Anna and Maura as she confessed that she feels like she can't get to know any new boys following her heartache.

Speaking to the girls, Amber explained: "I can't switch off my feelings, I still like Michael. Now I feel like I am really closed off."

On Monday, Joanna was branded a 'psycho b***h' by fans for banning Michael from talking to Amber.

The 22-year-old confronted the exes in a tense showdown as she tried to figure out whether they still had feelings for each other.


The 22-year-old confronted the exes in a tense showdown as she tried to figure out whether they still had feelings for each other.

But, after a flirty conversation which led the Geordie to contemplate taking her ex on a date, Joanna was shocked by Molly-Mae's revelation that there could still be something between the couple.

Michael and Amber were then forced to confront each other as Joanna revealed that she was "sick of their lies" as she struggled to get a straight answer from Michael and was left unclear of Amber's intentions.

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