Luann de Lesseps Fires Back at Bethenny Frankel's 'RHONY' Outburst, Insinuates She Cheated on Late Boyfriend

“I think her breakdown had a lot to do with Dennis, with her own anger and her own issues and her dating and her guilt,” Lu says.

Luann de Lesseps is firing back at Bethenny Frankel after the latter’s indescribable outburst on Wednesday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of New York."

Luann remained calm while Bethenny unleashed months of pent-up anger on her, but on Wednesday’s "RHONY After Show," Lu was way more candid.

The moment a producer behind the camera brought up Luann "making fun of Tinsley accidentally slurring her words," Lu chuckled and said, "That was no accident."

"I think for Bethenny to say that I dine out on my sobriety, that I use it as a crutch, is really lame and one of the most hurtful things I’ve ever heard in my life," Lu added. "What does Bethenny know about sobriety?"

"I think Bethenny’s got a lot of issues and a lot of anger and a lot of stuff going on in there. It’s not just about me," she continued. "I think her breakdown had a lot to do with Dennis, with her own anger and her own issues and her dating and her guilt, and there were a lot of things bottled up in that explosion."

If you didn’t catch the episode, we implore you to read our recap, but basically, Bethenny lost it on Luann during the cast’s Miami vacation after Lu mocked co-star Tinsley Mortimer for slurring her words at dinner. Bethenny called Luann "insufferable" and "sick" before she accused her of never checking in on her following the overdose and death of her boyfriend, Dennis Shields.

Bethenny spearheaded Luann’s intervention last year, which only exacerbated her feelings on the matter. Additionally, Bethenny felt Luann leaving the alcohol treatment center the former claims she got her into for free two weeks early (so that she could tend to her cabaret show) was a major slap in the face. Bethenny felt Luann was "dining out" on her sobriety.

Meanwhile, on the "After Show," Luann also made some insinuations about Bethenny’s current relationship with boyfriend Paul Bernon. Bethenny’s been dating Paul, a real estate developer and film producer, since last fall. She made their relationship Instagram-official in December. Dennis died in August.

"I’m beginning to think that this relationship that she has been going on with this guy has been going on longer than we all think," Luann said Wednesday. "I don’t know Bethenny’s new boyfriend. I’ve never heard about him," she added before footage from this season showing her asking Bethenny, "Did I hear you have a boyfriend?" flashed across the screen.

The other women were far more supportive of Bethenny’s boyfriend. Sonja Morgan said on Wednesday’s "After Show" she was relieved to know her friend had found someone to make her happy because she was "worried about Bethenny going into her cave and becoming very depressed." And Dorinda Medley, who lost her husband in 2011, maintained that there’s no right way to grieve.

"I don’t think there’s any rules or guidelines for grief, and I don’t think anyone should comment on it," she said. "I think everybody does the best they can, and if that means having a friend, dating, whatever it takes to move through it — the person has died. You’re not doing them any justice or injustice anymore. They’re dead, so what you have to do is what’s best for yourself."

Tinsley also noted on the "After Show" that Bethenny’s always been forthright about her on-off status with Dennis, saying that they would "break up a lot, and in between those times, she would date other people." Bethenny’s spoken on the show about the internal conflict she faced daily of staying with a man who had such demons.

This "After Show" was likely shot around the time Luann had all the women come visit her new home in Upstate New York, because when producers asked her about it, she said, "It’s been hell. And I never wanna f–king see them again. How’s that? I think I’d rather go to court than have them up there again."

In other news, last month, the Countess and cabaret star was taken into custody for violating her probation in relation to her 2017 Christmas Eve arrest.

Dorinda and Sonja shared their thoughts on the matter on Wednesday’s "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."

"I think the thing is, we all want nothing but more than recovery for her, but it’s difficult because she constantly is watching for any of us to make any mistakes and pointing them out," Dorinda explained to Andy. "I think it’s just a lesson in just tend to your own garden."

Sonja agreed.

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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