Married At First Sight Australia's Billy QUITS show in tears after standing up to 'bully wife' Susie in brutal showdown

MARRIED At First Sight Australia's Billy quit the show tonight after his wife Susie left him in tears AGAIN during an explosive showdown.

Billy said taking part in the social experiment was the worst experience of his life after Susie "bullied and ridiculed" him during their two-week marriage.

The couple were latecomers to the reality series which is airing on E4 two years after being filmed in Australia.

But fans quickly branded Susie, 25, the most hated bride ever after she first made her husband cry during their "home stay" at his house in last week's episode in a row over sugar.

This week, the 27-year-old nurse continued to pick on Billy and flew into another rage over a comment he made in front of her dad who had come to visit them.

Billy joked to Steve: "She (Susie) hates it when you and I get along."

Steve's daughter jumped up from the table and appeared to lunge at Billy before storming off, with Billy trying to take Steve's advise by standing up to Susie.

Later on in the episode, Susie made fun of Billy in front of her friends after he opened up about their rows.

But her friends said "it takes two to tango" leaving Billy fuming.

He replied: "I'm sorry to say I'm not going to agree with you. She's difficult, she's nasty, and I can't stand her to tell you the truth."

Back at the house, Susie ordered Billy to leave but he said he'd had enough and insisted: "I know this was all fake to you."

Later, he told producers: "I'm here to find my future wife I'm not here to be bullied and whipped."

Viewers were stunned by the shocking scenes, as one said on Twitter: "For the love of God, please pull Billy out of this mess. It’s cruel!"


And one more observed: "Billy needs to leave for his own mental heath."

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