Married At First Sight turns fiery as Morag admits Josh messaged her last year

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Married At First Sight fans were left in shock on Thursday evening, as Morag Crichton revealed a past connection to Josh Christie – despite being coupled up with Luke Dawson.

Morag was gathered with the rest of the girls for a girly day in the garden, and wanted to tell Amy Christophers the news about her partner before things went any further.

Morag revealed: "Last year… Josh followed me and liked a few of my pictures."

She also admitted Josh had sent her messages before they'd appeared on the programme together – and she'd told her own husband Luke "from the off".

But, turning to Amy, Morag asked: "Has Josh been transparent, has he been honest? I reckon he probably messaged a lot of girls – I just happened to be one of them."

Amy was left shaken by the revelation, and fans turned to Twitter to air their own shock.

One posted: "Morag threw Josh under the bus!"

Another echoed: "Morag what the f*** something that has happened a year ago! You had the audacity to say that now at a dinner table to Emma!!"

And a third penned: "What? Morag throws Josh under the bus for liking some photos a year ago??? Did I hear that right??"

Others pointed out that Josh would have been single at the time, so there shouldn't be any bad blood between him and current wife Amy.

"Why is Morag trying to sh** stir when this was all a long time ago before they all met? I don't get her angle. Why do people need to get one up on others? There was no need to mention this then!" one wrote.

Another penned: "What does it matter if Josh liked a few photos of Morag a year ago? They weren't in the show then."

While someone else echoed: "I don't understand why it matters if Josh messaged Morag! He was single!"

It occurred to some that Morag might have a 'guilty conscience' to bring the seemingly random tidbit up over dinner, with one avid viewer tweeting: "Morag has either got a crush or a guilty conscience because there's no way I'd remember all that from a year ago!"

Things look to get even more dramatic when the show continues on Monday, as Amy could be seen confronting Josh in the teaser trailer.

"Morag said you DM'd her a year ago?" she asked her husband.

Married At First Sight airs Monday-Thursday from 9pm on E4.

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