Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian's Post-Engagement Plans Are Adorable

Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian are truly one of the cutest couples to come out of Bachelor in Paradise, and obviously Bachelor Nation is dying to know what they’re up to now. Answer: being adorable/in love and making plans for their future, tyvm!

Speaking to Us Weekly, Maurissa and Riley explained that they’re currently long distance, but plan on living together soon. “I’m still currently in Atlanta right now. So right now, I’m kind of flying back and forth to New York, but eventually, I’m going to get myself out here and then wedding, baby!” Maurissa said, while Riley added “She’s going back and forth. I’m here in New York City, so we’ll go to Detroit and stuff like that. And from there, we’ll continue to just plan like we have.”

They also chatted about how excited their moms were about the engagement, with Maurissa saying “When I called my mom, she was just, like, ‘I knew it! Is it Riley? Is it the one I picked?’ Because she was looking at the cast that was released before we got home. And she’s like, ‘I knew it would be him. I knew you would be into him.’”

Riley added, “My mom has known how much I want a family and to find a fiancée and a wife. And so once I told her, she was ecstatic, she couldn’t wait to meet Maurissa. And just, like, how I talked about her on the show, [my mom] loved her. It was just all good.”

Can’t handle the cuteness. WHEN I SEE THEM I SEE SUNDAY MORNING. On that note, gonna go ahead and make everyone re-watch this iconic proposal:

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