Megan McKenna showcases her dramatic transformation before lip filler 'addiction' as she reveals new look

MEGAN McKenna has revealed how she dramatically transformed her look in a sweet throwback snap.

The former reality TV star turned singer celebrated her sister Milly's birthday by sharing an old picture of her before getting lip fillers.

The natural beauty posed with her brother and sister on a family holiday when they were younger.

She looked totally different with her straight brunette hair and natural smile.

It comes after Megan admitted revamping her image in 2019 by ditching lip fillers.

The star says she was suffering from body dysmorphia when she photoshopped her lips to make them look even bigger during her addiction to filler.

After realising people were ignoring her singing talent, she stopped getting her lips done and now feels "liberated".

Speaking on Loose Women last year, Megan said:: "I mean, look at that picture, I can't deal with my lips now.

"I would be going onto editing apps still not happy, thinking I could make that a bit bigger here and there, I did have body dysmorphia.

"You know what I went to Nashville this year and every single thing I was doing was being linked back to my mouth.

"The comments after I did shows like this, the headlines were like 'Megan and her trout pout' and one day I woke up and thought, 'what am I doing?'

She added: "I remember flying home, I felt embarrassed, thinking I need to get them out.

"I have learnt to except the way I look. I feel like (taking them out) it's made me look younger."

Body dysmorphia is a mental health condition where a person spends believes there are flaws in their appearance.

The Essex beauty removed her lip filler before going on The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019, which she went on to win.

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