Michael Bay Is Working On A Pandemic Thriller Movie, Because Of Course He Is

Michael Bay, whose movie 6 Underground recently hit Netflix, is getting to work on a “pandemic-themed thriller” titled Songbird with co-producer Adam Goodman, Deadline reports. Production is set to begin in just five weeks with actors receiving “remote training” before actually beginning to shoot in Los Angeles. The fast tracked timeline, while obviously optimistic considering Los Angeles’s current shelter in place order, may make Songbird the first movie to shoot in the city post-pandemic.

Interestingly, no one involved in Songbird would comment on exactly how the movie plans to shoot during a time with such strict safety protocols in place, or exactly what the production’s own safety plans would be, but Deadline’s report mentions sources saying that Songbird has “screened their plans” by the various guilds and unions involved in movie production in LA and have been given the all-clear.

Tonally, Songbird is being compared to Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, implying that it will be found footage. It will be set two years in the future, in a world where the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has not dissipated, and the virus has continued to mutate beyond control. Apparently there are no supernatural elements, but plenty of paranoia and conspiracy to go around–because who doesn’t want even more paranoia and conspiracy heaped on top of everything else right now?

Casting is currently underway.

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