MIC’s Miles Nazaire on the quirky way he ‘made it official’ with Amélie Esquenet

Made in Chelsea returns soon for a summer special in Corsica but star Miles Nazaire reveals he won’t be involved in any more on-screen romances as he’s all loved-up with new girlfriend.

Miles first announced he's been dating Amélie Esquenet in an Instagram post early July but only went official with her later that month.

“Amélie and I only started speaking halfway through me being in Corsica,” explains Miles. “I met her before going out there, and obviously it was too early to make anything happen – we met through Temps (Miles’ co-star David Templer).

“When I came back, we started dating. And it’s been going great, and I made it official with a pizza box! Very cheesy!”

Amélie Esquenet has her own separate fitness Instagram account, which lists her as a personal trainer at Soho House and a coach at another gym in Fitzrovia.

Made in Chelsea has had lots of love stories, from recently married Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo, and Lucy Watson and James Dunmore, to Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey.

But on whether Amélie will be joining the cast of Made in Chelsea, Miles said there aren’t any plans to have her sign up as a regular just yet.

“I think I want to keep it a little bit separate,” admits Miles. “Amélie very, very busy herself, and I don't think it works with her lifestyle. It's something very new for her as well – even me posting her are things that she just has never been around.

“So she's still adjusting to that. I just want to respect how she feels and how she wants to do things. She’s been amazing with me and understands that I’m on TV. It’s new for her, and she’s been great. There may be a little scene here and there, but she definitely won't be part of the cast.”

Miles first joined the cast in 2018 and has teased countless romances, most recently with Married at First Sight Australia contestant Ella Ding and Made in Chelsea co-star Yasmine Zweegers.

When asked which Made in Chelsea stars he’d like to return, Miles admits he wants to go back to the beginning.

“I just would love to see Andy Jordan, Spencer Matthews, Stevie Johnson, Lucy Watson,” he says. “Their lives have all moved on. Some of them have children, and they're married.

“I think it’s nostalgic for people who grew up watching the show to see these characters and their lives and seeing them now doing their own thing. I think it would be great if one day they came back – like the Friends reunion.”

Made in Chelsea Corsica returns to E4 on Sunday 13th August, 9pm

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