Monty Don issues stern warning to Gardeners' World fans as they're targeted in twisted scam | The Sun

GARDENERS' World star Monty Don warned his followers after discovering a twisted scam.

The 68-year-old TV star is the latest celeb victim of an Instagram identity scam and urged fans to report the page impersonating him.

Alongside his warning was a cute picture of his beloved dog Ned, who was comfortably curled up in his bed. 

He captioned the post: "Putting on one's best face … By the way it has been brought to my attention that there are fake Monty Don accounts out there. Ignore or report them. This is the only ( public) one( and I never accept followers on the private account that I do not personally know)."

Monty's fans reacted to the warning in his comment section, as one person commented: "If Instagram can't do a better job of cutting out spam, I am not sure it is worth your time posting Monty, there is a deluge of spam on here."

Another person said: "I've spent the last five minutes reporting and blocking spam."

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A third advised: "The "real" accounts also have a blue tick next to their names which does help too. Love those shiny teeth."

A fourth added: "A momentary gasp that Monty has followed me, then the quick realisation that, of course, he hasn't."

A fifth replied to the post: "Sigh, what a world, what a world. I have to delete fake accounts from following me nearly every day."

Ned joined Monty and the family in their Hertfordshire home in September. 

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Monty has three dogs in total: a Yorkshire terrier named Patti and two golden retrievers named Nell and Ned.

Recently Monty opened up about his lifelong love for dogs, he wrote on his website: "I have lived with dogs all my life and so it is absolutely natural to me that wherever I am in the garden I should be accompanied by a dog or two. It is their garden as much as mine or any other members of the family."

The Gardeners' World star added: "Something that I take for granted is that by and large, they do absolutely no damage and respect the garden completely. They (rarely) dig holes or crash through the flower beds. They do treat the long paths as bowling alleys down which they career in chase of the ball that we are obliged to throw, but it is harmless enough."

Gardeners' World airs Fridays at 8pm on BBC Two.

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