MSNBC's Joe Scarborough slams Fox News over 'especially sick and damaging' lie

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough tore into Fox News on Friday, rebuking the widely watched conservative network over two recent segments in particular — one of which he described as “especially sick and damaging.”

The co-host of “Morning Joe” first slammed former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) — who is now a Fox News contributor — for falsely asserting Thursday that President Joe Biden’s team is made of “radicals who believe if they could exterminate the Republicans, that would be one way to get to unity.”

“Let me say that again for Fox News sponsors,” Scarborough said. “They’re getting people who are Fox News contributors, who are saying that Democrats — Joe Biden and Democrats want to, quote, ‘exterminate all Republicans.’”

Scarborough then called out a claim from Tucker Carlson, the network’s prime-time personality. Earlier this week, Carlson said that the thousands of troops sent to secure Washington ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration (and following the U.S. Capitol riot by pro-Trump supporters incited by the former president) were just a “political weapon” being used by the Democrats to say, “We’re in charge now.”

“This is sick,” Scarborough said of Carlson’s declaration. “It’s especially sick and damaging. Here we are, what, a couple weeks after an insurrection against the United States of America?”


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