Naga Munchetty reveals painful injury is still 'giving her gyp' after BBC Breakfast accident

NAGA Munchetty has revealed a painful injury is still 'giving her gyp' after a BBC Breakfast accident.

The 46-year-old presenter first damaged her knee in 2019, only to hurt it again last year when she fell and dislocated it on her way to the BBC Breakfast studio, moments before going on air.

During a chat with BBC Radio 5 Live sports presenter Chris Latchem this week, Naga opened up about the pain she's still in.

She said: "I have Tendonitis, I have a sore hip, I dislocated my knee a couple of years ago which still gives me gyp,” she said on her show.

“And, I certainly noticed I’m not recovering as much as perhaps I did [previously]. It keeps popping in and out."

She added: "It’s taking me ages particularly to recover from the Tendonitis, a good couple of months.”


Naga previously revealed more about her injury, telling presenter Rachel Burden: "Well shall I tell you something that happened to me today?

“I dislocated my knee a couple of years ago. I fell over and dislocated it again – and it’s really embarrassing – this morning right outside the office.”

Despite her injuries, Naga still manages to go running regularly and plays squash and tennis.

However she admitted: "When I play tennis, I hit the ball so it goes over three courts.

“I have no control, whereas squash, I fly into walls, hit the ball hard. You know, stop, start, little whirlwind, but no finesse.”

Meanwhile, the presenter recently revealed she screamed in agony and fainted twice while having the coil fitted.

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