NCIS fans in meltdown as Parker set for new romance

NCIS Season 20 Episode 17 Promo

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Parker’s (played by Gary Cole) romantic backstory has led him down some rather treacherous paths since he entered the CBS drama back in season 19. However, with the backstabbing and scheming drama involving ex Vivian (Teri Polo) seemingly now behind him, the NCIS agent could be set for a new flame in the form of US Senator Constance Miller (Brigid Brannagh) – and fans are absolutely here for it. 

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To recap, Miller found herself embroiled in NCIS’s latest investigation after her home was targeted by a complex web of robbers and kidnappers. 

After the team discovered a parking garage filled with unconscious bodies who’d been gassed using liquid bovine tranquillizer, they got to work discovering exactly why. 

It transpired one of the young women involved, Dorothy (Julianne Collins), was inadvertently caught up in the gassing and initially planned on stealing and copying a key a contractor had to the Senator’s home. 

Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Knight (Katrina Law) soon discovered that Dorothy had been blackmailed to steal a hard drive from Miller’s home after her father, also a career robber, had been kidnapped.

Miller was more than happy to work with NCIS and handed over her hard drive to the team for them to examine and see why it had become the subject of a planned robbery.

However, besides going over the details of the case and what exactly the team needed, Miller turned her attention to Parker. 

The Senator not-so-subtly hits on the typically steely agent at her home and eventually leaves him her card in case they ever fancy grabbing “pastries”. 

Miller’s exchange has left a number of fans thinking the rest of season 20 could see Parker explore a new romantic connection – and even make her his girlfriend.

Taking to Twitter after the interaction, user @CruisinSoozan exclaimed: “Parker’s getting a girlfriend, yay! #NCIS.”

While Coleman Miller encouraged: “Okay Parker…..get a date with the Senator!! #NCIS.”

Meanwhile, @tlselle72 seemed on-board with the connection: “Lol did Parker get hit on by Senator Miller over pastries?? #NCIS.”

And @MissIceTee teased: “If the Senator needs to be in protective custody you know Parker will volunteer. #NCIS.”

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Fellow fan @Andrewssancheztx praised the storyline as a whole: “@NCIS_CBS nice fake out, clever teamwork #NCIS haha and Parker got a phone number.”

While Claudia Harrelson echoed: “The senator is a bit sweet on Parker – that pastry thing is a total turn on #NCIS.” (sic)

Could Parker’s love life finally take a turn for the better if he and Miller decide to grab a pastry before season 20 is up?

Fans certainly hope so but before episode 16 concluded, the team had to get to the bottom of why Miller had been targeted.

In the end, they end up working with Dorothy to try and save her father and track down the blackmailers.

Dorothy was invited to go and find her father where she was ambushed by the kidnapper who threatened to kill them both. 

But NCIS was one step ahead and saved the day, uncovering a network of Russian sleeper spies seeking to derail Miller’s reelection campaign.

While one spy was apprehended, it appears there’s a web out there hellbent on taking Miller down, so perhaps fans will get more Parker-Miller scenes as the series continues.

NCIS season 20 continues Monday on CBS in the USA and Wednesday on Disney+ in the UK.

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