Neil Armstrong’s son reignites moon landing conspiracy ahead of 50th anniversary

Neil Armstrong 's son has reignited discussion about the moon landing – and whether or not it actually happened.

Mark Armstrong was six years old when his dad went to the surface of the moon in the Apollo 11 mission on July 20, 1969.

His words became instantly iconic, as he declared: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

But many people believe it didn't happen.

Conspiracy theories have been around for decades, suggesting that the lunar trip was faked by the American government.

Mark's appearance on today's Lorraine sparked up conversation once more.

As the proud son chatted to host Lorraine Kelly about new documentary Armstrong, people took to Twitter to question the historic event.

One said: "I didnt understand my dad in a studio faking landings"

Another wrote: "Of course his dad landed on the moon…"

One frustrated viewer wrote: "Yeah yeah yeah fantastic, sure, sure, um hum, amazing, brilliant, wow, so brave, amazing, just fantastic! Bore off"

While one said: "I’m a tin foil no one landed on the moon and proud"

Not everyone was unhappy about his chat show appearance though.

One said: "My 7 is year old daughter is soo excited too see Neil Armstrong Son because she's been learning about his dad at school."

Another commented: "Neil Armstrong’s son looks like his iconic dad"

Mark said he was excited for people to see the new documentary and that it does justice to his dad, who died in 2012.

He told Lorraine his dad was "misunderstood" and that the new film "sets the record straight on his personality traits and his humour".

Mark was so young when his dad went to the moon, he said he didn't really understand what a huge deal it was.

He knew his dad worked for NASA, and thought this was simply another day at the office.

He said he didn't realise how huge it was until he saw the reactions of the grown ups around him as they watched the launch on television.

He said: "I knew what was happening and I understood it but I didn't understand the danger and somehow my mother kept that from my brother and I."

He added: "I didn't understand the historical significance of it.

"It seemed normal to me and we were all in it together."

Mark said he had no idea how many things could have gone wrong when his father set off on his famous journey.

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