Netflix series Indian Predator explores gory cannibal serial killer claims

The true crime interest craze has sparked a flurry of podcasts and television series, with producers now delving into India’s dark past to highlight some of the country’s most shocking serial killers.

Netflix released its latest series on Wednesday September 7 in the form of Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer.

It gives an inside account into the murderer Raja Kolander who is in prison after killing a journalist.

Included in the three episodes is an exclusive interview with a visibly aged Kolander, who protests his innocence and claims in the documentary that he was beaten up and forced to sign a confession.

But diaries that police found were enough to convict him.

What is Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer about?

This is the second series of Indian Predator, coming only months after the release of the first season, titled The Butcher of Delhi.

The second series delves into the alleged gory exploits of Raja Kolander, a serial killer who had been using the alias Ram Niranjan.

The Netflix synopsis states: "When a young, well-loved journalist goes missing in Allahabad, the entire community comes together to unearth the truth.

“In the process they find an unlikely suspect — a small-time local politician’s husband.

“Just when the police think the case is closed, they find a diary that has a list of 13 names along with that of the dead journalist."

Who is Raja Kolander?

Raja Kolander, the husband of a local politician, was suspected of murdering a journalist in 2001.

The body of Dhirendra Singh, a reporter with a Hindi daily newspaper called Aaj, was discovered cut into pieces and dumped in a river and a jungle.

Phone tracking carried out by police led them to suspect Kolander of the brutal attack.

During the investigation into his killing, officers discovered, after unearthing Kolander’s diary, that Singh was likely not his only victim.

During Kolander’s trial, the 60-year-old admitted to practising cannibalism and burying 14 skulls in his home.

He is said to have been part of a looting gang, killing the drivers of vehicles he stole.

According to Kolander’s diaries, he used to eat various parts of his victims’ bodies, including their brains.

In the course of the investigation, it was alleged that Kolander’s motivation for killing people was to take revenge and to increase his intelligence.

He also admitted that he used to talk to those skulls, placing them around him and playing with them.

Why did Raja Kolander kill the journalist?

According to Kolander’s confession to the police, he claimed that Dhirendra Singh had caught wind of his illegal car trade and eventual killings.

Before Singh could investigate any further, Kolander is said to have decided to get rid of him.

The killing of Dhirendra Singh was a collaborative attempt with his brother-in-law Vakshraj Kol, according to Daily Yo India.

Kolander lured Singh into his farmhouse, with the two talking around a fire. Soon, Kol arrived at the scene and shot the journalist in the back.

Even though Kolander was arrested in 2001, it took more than a decade for him to be charged with the reporter’s murder.

In November 2012, Raj Kolander, along with his brother-in-law, were sentenced to life imprisonment, with Kolander interviewed for the documentary while in jail.

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