Nine Coronation Street spoilers for next week – Oliver is rejected for treatment and Nick meets his secret son

NICK Tilsley arranges a meeting with his secret son Sam next week in Coronation Street – as Oliver is rejected from private treatment in Germany. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the ITV soap…

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1. Leanne and Steve get some awful news

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see the consultant break some awful news to Steve and Leanne.

The parents are left reeling when the doctors say that, after discussions with the clinic in Germany, they’ve decided that Oliver’s condition is too serious to offer treatment. 

Leanne hits the roof and tells Nick she feels that the doctor’s have abandoned Oliver. 

2. Nick meets his secret son 

Nick tells David that he’s not sure he needs the added complication of a son right now, given everything that's going on with Oliver.

But David urges Nick to think about what his son might need.

Later, Nick opens a letter from Sam and decides he’d like to meet him. 

When Sam comes over to Nick’s flat, he reveals his passion for astronomy.

How will Leanne take the news that Nick has a secret son?

3. Nicky refuses Daniel’s help

Geoff visits Adam and Daniel and threatens to go to the police after remembering that he left the envelope in their office and realising Alya couldn’t have taken his money.

Geoff’s suspicions grow when he spots Nicky giving Daniel some money in the cafe and insisting she doesn’t need all of it. 

Meanwhile, Adam – who’s also grown suspicious of Daniel’s antics after his outburst at Geoff – tells Daniel he’s going to look over the CCTV.

4. Geoff reports Daniel to the police

Evil Geoff is quick to report Daniel to the police, and viewers will later see the grieving husband break down at the police station and admit he gave Geoff’s money to Nicky. 

The police call Geoff and tell him about Daniel’s confession and mention his willingness to repay the money. 

But Geoff insists that he wants to see Daniel punished for his actions. 

5. Daniel apologises

Adam and Craig despair over Daniel’s latest stunt, with Craig telling Adam that it’s about time Daniel sorted his life out. 

Later, Daniel calls at Speed Daal and reluctantly asks Geoff for his bank details so he can transfer the money.

But will Geoff be able to leave it there – or might he need revenge?

6. Michael pops the question 

Michael instructs everyone to be at No.3 at lunchtime for a big surprise. 

Grace is stunned when Michael drops to one knee and pops the big question, showing her a shiny engagement ring.

But Grace bursts Michael’s bubble when she says that she loves him but there’s something she needs to tell him – she and Tiana and moving to Spain.

7. Michael kidnaps Tiana

Later, Michael asks Tim for Grace’s address and heads out on a mission. 

But Ed is horrified when he opens the front door to a panicked Grace who tells him that Michael abducted Tiana from outside her house – and that she had to call the police. 

Ed searches for Michael and finds him in Victoria Gardens with Tiana and persuades him to come home. 

But disaster strikes when Michael arrives home to a police officer, who steps forward and arrests Michael on suspicion of child abduction.

8. Peter spirals

Peter is devastated when Carla refuses to listen to his excuses after Abi admitted she made a pass at him. 

Later, they discuss the rift between them and agree they need to work on their communication. 

But will they be able to fix things?

9. Abi sticks up for Peter

Abi drops by at Underworld and sticks up for Peter, telling Carla that he was just trying to help her from relapsing. 

Carla is worried when Abi then tells her that Peter is close to suffering another repulse. 

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