Normal People director teases season 2 and where we'd find Marianne and Connell

Normal People has stolen the worlds’ hearts and left us wondering about the future of our beloved Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal) – but will there ever be a season 2? 

Well, it seems that director Lenny Abrahamson is fantasising about it as much as we are, and wants to pick up on the pair in their future. 

But how far into the future is the thing that’s up for debate, if it were to happen. 

Speaking to Deadline, Lenny said: ‘We’ve talked about the possibility of how interesting it would be to check back in with them, but apart from just general musings and over a drink, no, there have been no concrete discussions about what it would be like. 

‘As Sally [Rooney, writer] says, the book stops where it stops because it feels right.

‘But, I have a sneaking thing in the back of my head that if everybody was willing, and if the stars aligned, I’d love to revisit them in five years and find out what happened, where they are.’ 

‘Is somebody a father or a mother? What relationships are they in that then get disrupted by their meeting again?,’ he continued. 

‘But it would be really strange to pick that up eight weeks later with him traveling to New York, I think. There needs to be time.’ 

In the meantime, at least we had a mini update thanks to Irish Comic Relief at the end of June – with the couple reuniting after heading to the same church for confession. 

Speaking to the Priest (the Fleabag Hot Priest Andrew Scott, to be precise), the pair once again stumble through trying to figure out what to say. 

When they finally do, it comes out through the power of song – Boyzone naturally, as they are Irish after all. 

Once the song was over though, the pair disappeared, leaving the Priest only with a silver chain. 

And it made our hearts melt and break at the same time. 

Normal People is available on Hulu in the US and BBC iPlayer in the UK. 

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