Not what I was expecting Jane McDonald stunned as she visits Elvis Presleys home

Jane McDonald overwhelmed at visiting Graceland

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Jane McDonald took her viewers on another cruising adventure around Mississippi and was blown away by the cultural history it had to offer. She was also treated to a tour around Elvis Presley’s home Graceland and became extremely excited to see how the singing icon lived. However, during the tour, she revealed that it wasn’t what she was expecting and thought there would be more glamour.

Standing outside the home of the rock and roll legend, she exclaimed: “So excited! I am at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.

“This is wonderful, and a rare treat for you and me, now the cameras aren’t allowed in here at all, nobody gets film inside, except me,” she revealed whilst holding a go-pro.

“So I am going to take you with me on my camera on a stick, and we are going to have an amazing experience of seeing Graceland, come on, let’s go!”

As she walked into the extravagant-looking home, she was met with an impressive set of stairs and a large handing chandelier in the main lobby.

She squealed: “We are nearly there, I can already spot a fantastic chandelier! 10,000 fans visit his home every week, wow! Look at that, I just love a chandelier!

“The white carpet, it is very me. This is going to sound silly, but it is amazing how normal the house feels. Just throws me back in time to 1977.

“I am really so happy that they have kept it as he lived in it because it gives you an insight into who he really was and I love him even more just being in his house,” she commented.

The tour gradually made its way upstairs, but Jane revealed that there was a strict no-camera policy, so she switched to narrating through her microphone.

Whilst the viewers were shown pictures of the famous house, Jane commented: “Oh, look at this with mirrors, that’s a bit kinky. I like that.

“That is brilliant, isn’t it? I am a bit of a fan! It is even cooler than I thought, I never expected this, I love it! I could move in now, it is all my taste now!”

Back speaking to the camera, Jane was overwhelmed with the size of the garden and joked that she would love to know who mowed the grass.

She soon moved toward the meditation gardens where Elvis Presley’s grave stood and explained: “This is the meditation gardens.

“It wasn’t what I was expecting Graceland to be like, I was expecting it to be very extravagant and very over the top, but actually, it was a normal home!”

As her Mississippi cruise came to an end, she made one last stop to pay her respects to the singing legend.

“I can’t leave here without trying Elvis’ favourite butty. Oh yes, so this is the world-famous peanut butter and banana sandwich that was one of Elvis’ favourite sandwiches.

“You can’t come to Graceland and not have this, can you,” she took a bite out of the treat but was less than impressed.

“As we say in Yorkshire, that is a bit claggy. It sticks to the roof of your mouth but once in a lifetime treat, but it can’t beat an onion ring!”

The tour of Graceland sees his mansion, the gold records, the jewelled jumpsuits, the classic cars, and interactive exhibits.

This year, Graceland is honouring the 45th anniversary of Elvis’ passing with a yearlong celebration of the king to celebrate his life and legacy.

Jane McDonald: Cruising the Mississippi is available to watch on Channel 5.

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