Olivia Attwood forced to leave room as school-themed romp turns awkward

Olivia Attwood was forced to leave the room to stop herself from giggling while watching an explicit porn shoot featuring models pretending to be students in a new episode of her ITV series.

Olivia starred on the third series of ITV reality series Love Island in 2017, and the TV personality can now be seen fronting a documentary series on the channel, Olivia Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich, which explores the ever-growing industry of selling sex online.

In the first episode, Olivia was left cringing when a couple failed to perform under the lights, and things didn’t get much easier for the presenter in the second show of the series.

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In one scene of tonight’s (July 12) episode, Olivia met with aptly-named British porn director Dick Bush, and watched on awkwardly as he shot a school-themed scene in a warehouse in the Midlands.

First, the former Love Island star watched on as the models’ health and age records were all checked to ensure that filming was all safe and above board.

But, as the actors began their lesson-based theme – with schoolgirls convincing their teacher to teach them about sex instead of politics – Olivia was unable to hide her embarassment.

“That’s not the kind of hard stick I want,” one school girl said, as the teacher sought to bat away the advances of three different women with a wooden ruler.

With Olivia covering her face, the scenario soon evolved into a full-blown orgy, with the performers awkwardly stopping and shifting positions every so often to ensure the cameraman could get the cleanest shots of the action possible.

“I’m not sure there’ll be any awards for script-writing,” Olivia admitted. “In fact, I’m not even sure there is a script.

“It’s like a GCSE drama set, but for sex. Is that really bad?”

As things got noisier, Olivia scuttled out of her chair and left the room, confessing: “I just had to step out for five minutes. There was a lot going on, it’s quite chaotic.

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“I’m someone that likes things to be organised, and I’d say that’s like organised chaos. They were stopping and starting… I don’t feel uncomfortable, but it’s more like I’m going to giggle because it’s just kind of giggly stuff," she observed.

“It’s like the little cheesy bits of acting in between, that’s when I feel like I’m going to go.”

Eventually filming finished, and one performer told Olivia that she would be hoping to sell the scene for roughly $50 (about £42) on OnlyFans.


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