Our Yorkshire Farm owner Robert Miller named the county’s richest man

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The man who owns Our Yorkshire Farm land has been named the richest man in the whole county, thank to is mind-blowing £1.7 billion fortune.

Robert Miller, 87, is the proprietor of the Ravenseat estate and not only is he the wealthiest man in Yorkshire, he is also the 68th richest man in the UK.

Robert, an American-born Brit, is also the co-founder of DFS – Duty Free Shops and has his fingers in many entrepreneurial pies.

To add to his fanciness, he is also the father of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Princess Alexandra von Fürstenberg, and socialist and filmmaker Pia Getty – the trio is nicknamed The Miller Sisters.

Robert, who was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, is said to be a direct descendant of Henry I of England, Louis IV of France, and William I of Scotland.

He is also a sailing champion and in 2003 broke a world record by sailing the first monohull ever to cross the Atlantic Ocean in under seven days.

Robert's mammoth wealth is believed to have risen by £420m in the past year alone.

Viewers wondered if the Owens, the TV family on Our Yorkshire Farm, actually own the huge 2,500-acre Yorkshire estate.

Every week, TV shepherdess Amanda Owen and husband Clive welcome the public into their lives at the farm where they live with their nine children.

Amanda and Clive have been at the farm for more than 20 years now and continue to proudly farm in the same way as it would have been done hundreds of years prior.

According to Amanda's website Yorkshire Shepherdess, there is an option to either stay at Shepherd Hut which is for a maximum of two people or The Firs which is the six-bedroom farmhouse.

A stay at Shepherds Hut will set visitors back £60 for single occupancy and £175 per night at The Firs.

But Amanda is not currently accepting bookings thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and is expected to resume at a later date.

Ravenseat is a 2,000-acre working farm located in North Yorkshire in Upper Swaledale.

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