Outlander fans fume over forgotten Briana Fraser storyline

Outlander: Lionsgate+ shares opening titles for season 7

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With Outlander’s seventh season expected to premiere this summer, eager fans have taken to rewatching the Starz drama throughout this Droughtlander. As a result, a viewer raised concerns about a forgotten storyline surrounding the Brahan Seer prophecy which was last addressed in season three. 

Outlander is a hit historical fantasy drama which gained millions of fans after it landed on screens in 2014. 

The show is an onscreen adaptation of a widely popular novel series written by Diana Gabaldon, which currently consists of nine completed books. 

As well as Claire Fraser’s (played by Caitriona Balfe) mysterious time travel from 1945 to 1743, the drama also had true key historical moments woven into the storyline. 

These include the Battle of Culloden and the portrayal of Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) uncle Lord Lovatt (Clive Russell).

Outlander also touched on Brahan Seer, a Scottish predictor of the future who lived in the 17th century. 

However, after a rewatch of the series fans noticed the major Brahan Seer prophesy was seemingly forgotten. 

Taking to an Outlander fan page on Reddit, u/katiebethj exposed the error. 

They wrote: “On yet another rewatch, I’m frustrated/confused by the build-up and then total drop of the prophecy storyline in S3/Voyager.

Yes we mustn’t allow Geilis to kill Bree, but once she’s thwarted, that plot just dies right there.”

The Redditor asked: “Does no one else know of this prophecy? It is never brought back up in subsequent seasons/books. 

“I’m worried that the French gold plot will be similar and unresolved in book 10.”

It didn’t take long for other fans to agree with the original author, with many fearing that Outlander’s eight-season run will render time too short to revisit the storyline.

Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) was also unveiled as a time traveller during season two when she and Claire were on trial for being witches, and after they were stripped Claire noticed her smallpox vaccination. 

Though Claire was able to escape and Geillis was presumed dead, she reappeared during season three and introduced the Brahan Seer prophecy. 

Geillis believed by taking part in acts such as murder and kidnapping would help the rise of a new Scottish king and regain Scottish independence.

The Outlander books addressed the real Brahan Seer prophecy which read: “The prophecy states that a new ruler of Scotland will spring from Lovat’s lineage…”

Whereas in the show, fans were led to believe it was Jamie and Claire’s daughter Brianna ‘Bree’ Fraser.

This was why Geillis was determined to kill Bree, she also felt entitled to do so after saving Claire’s life during the witch trial. 

However, after a tense fight with Claire in season three, Geillis was beheaded and this also seemingly saw the end of the Brahan Seer prophecy storyline. 

Despite this, Redditor u/Fiction_escapist remained hopeful and stated: “The Fraser prophecy comes up again in Frank’s letter to Bree like a hint that it’s not over yet.”

They then added: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t come up again. It is an actual prophecy that may have just been used to highlight Geillis’s fanaticism.”

While u/madeingoosonia stated: “It is now no longer valid probably because there is no ‘ last of Lovat’s line’, but a healthy bunch of children.”

Outlander season 7 premieres on Starz in the USA and Lionsgate+ in the UK in the summer of 2023.

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