Ozark season 4 spoilers: Marty to abandon Byrdes as Jason Bateman drops clue

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Netflix’s popular crime drama returned for its third outing in March this year. With Marty and Wendy Byrde in an even more precarious position as the series is set to continue, Ozark’s fourth instalment could feature a huge rift separating the dysfunctional family.

Sitcom star Jason Bateman left his comedy roots behind for Netflix’s wildly successful crime series, Ozark.

Bateman stepped into a producing and directing role, as well as starring as Marty Byrde, a financial advisor who lands his family in hot water when he starts to launder money for the Mexican cartel.

In season three, the family put themselves at risk of even more danger with their casino business, and Marty’s wife Wendy (played by Laura Linney) takes a front seat to the family’s shady financial activities.

As tensions build, the finale saw the Byrdes begin a reluctant partnership with cartel leader Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) after the shocking death of his attorney Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer).

Netflix has confirmed the series will conclude with a fourth and final season of a longer, 14-episode run to be released over two parts.

The cast and crew are currently waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to clear so Bateman, Linney and their co-stars can return to location and start filming.

In the meantime, the cast have been dropping some revealing hints for how the series could continue.

With Marty beginning to look for a way out of his predicament, Wendy spent the latest season transforming into a hardened criminal and taking the steps her husband wasn’t willing to take.

Although Ozark’s two main stars insist their husband and wife pair are still deeply devoted to one another, the Byrde family could be in danger of fracturing in season four.

Teasing the upcoming season, Jason Bateman talked through Marty’s emotional state as the Byrdes are thrown headfirst into unknown territory.

He explained: “Whether they were aware of it or not, they seem to have turned their skills of being proactive, ambitious go-getters into maintaining the health and the harmony of the family.”

Despite the Byrdes’ success, the pressure continued to mount throughout the third season’s explosive finale, and could have severe ramifications on Marty going forward.

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Bateman continued and hinted towards a devastating decision his character could face as the Byrdes’ connection with the Navarro cartel strengthens.

He went on: “And I wonder if that fuels a little bit of the bitterness and the frustration, at least for Marty.

“I wonder if he has moments of ‘why am I wasting all this ambition on keeping my family healthy when I could be out there moving money?’”

Marty began the series as a reasonably successful advisor in Chicago before he moved his family to the Ozark Lakes in Missouri and bit off more than he could chew.

His decisions, paired with Wendy’s becoming even more ruthless in season three, could drive a wedge between their marriage and force Marty to consider returning to his business in Chicago.

Bateman teased: “So I just wonder if there’s a push-pull there between him not really wanting to have all of it delegated toward domestic harmony and he’d rather be back up in Chicago making tons of money.”

Netflix has yet to reveal a date for when Ozark season four is likely to be released, so subscribers will have to wait patiently to see what’s in store for the Byrdes next time.

Ozark season 3 is available to stream on Netflix.

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