Ozark's Jason Bateman hints Wendy Byrde will 'pull a Walter White' in brutal season 4 finale betrayal

OZARK star Jason Bateman has hinted that Wendy Byrde will “pull a Walter White” in the brutal season four finale.

Walter White is the central character in Netflix’s hit show, Breaking Bad about a science teacher who becomes a drug king-pin and ends up turning his back on his family.  

Jason, who plays Marty in Ozark was commenting about how his onscreen wife’s personality has changed over the seasons. 

Wendy started off being a relatively passive other half in things to a formidable and pivotal cog in the Navarro Cartel's money-laundering operation. 

Speaking to Deadline about his character’s marriage, Bateman was asked about what Marty thinks now when he looks at his spouse.

“He's hoping that she's not wanting to pull a Walter White!,”He exclaimed.

Expanding on his comment, he went on: “He's probably hoping that she's not going to get carried away with a singular ambition at the expense of the family's health.

“Not really knowing how that's all going to kind of coalesce in the next season, hopefully their priorities are in a good spot as we hurtle towards the crescendo.”

Wendy and Marty's marriage has been on a rollercoaster since the very first episode of the series.

They’ve both cheated on each other – Wendy with Chicago businessman Gary 'Sugarwood' Silverberg, played by Bruce Altman, and Marty with Rachel Garrison, played by Jordan Spiro.

Then in season three Marty spied on his wife, as well as the pair of them each bribing their therapist behind the other's back. 

Wendy has gone from relatively mild mannered to brutal. She even sacrificed her own brother Ben for the benefits of the cartel and safety of her family.

Even though Wendy was distraught by the decision, the fact she took it was one that proved her loyalty to Omar Navarro and her place within the cartel's hierarchy.

Fans will have to wait until season four to find out the fate of the Byrdes for sure.

Ozark seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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