Paddy makes a major breakthrough in Emmerdale as caring friends reveal secrets

There’s a special episode of Emmerdale coming up soon which only features male members of the cast as the men of the village stay back for a lock-in in the Woolpack.

The episode comes about as part of the show’s focus on male mental health which has seen popular character Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) struggling in the wake of the break-up of his marriage to Chas (Lucy Pargeter).

This, along with a lot of unresolved issues that Paddy hasn’t dealt with in the past including the death of his daughter Grace, led the vet into a deep depression and considering suicide.

Upcoming episodes see him start to turn a corner, but it’s a long road for his recovery and Chas, Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Bear (Joshua Richards) are constantly worried about him. Even though he tells them he’s arranged to see a therapist, Marlon is concerned to hear that there’s a two week wait for him to see somebody.

Trying to do his best to help his friend, Marlon presents him with a bag of zombie goodies to cheer him up, but all Paddy really wants is some space to try to work things out, leaving Marlon gutted that he can’t get through to his friend.

He shares his despair with Nate (Jurell Carter) and Jimmy (Nick Miles), and Chas tells them that women are generally better at dealing with their emotions because they talk with their friends. Jimmy agrees that the community of the pub is his therapy.

Marlon grabs this idea and arranges for the lock in. Cain (Jeff Hordley), Jimmy, Liam (Jonny McPherson), Bob (Tony Audenshaw), Charles (Kevin Mathurin), Sam (James Hooton), Nate, Marlon and Bear all assemble at the Woolpack after hours and hope Paddy will join them.

They talk about their childhood nicknames and things that have happened in their lives and times when they’ve needed to get something off their chests.

Will Paddy pluck up the courage to join them and start to share his own troubles?

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