People arent turning up! Peston slams Jon Ashworth as Labour call for more vaccines

Ministers have 'lost their grip' of vaccines says Jon Ashworth

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Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth has slammed the pace of booster vaccine roll-out, saying that ministers need to use infrastructure more effectively to drive up vaccination rates. It came after Sajid Javid called on millions of eligible people to get booster jabs to brace for the winter.

Speaking on ITV Peston, Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth said: “It’s not an issue of supply, I just think that ministers have lost their grip of this.

“I will give you an example. At the current rate of progress, we will not deliver boosters to all who need one until March 2022.

“We’re only doing around 160,000 a day.

“We should be doing 500,000 a day.”

Robert Peston said: “But people are simply not turning up to get vaccinated.

“How can you blame ministers?”

Mr Ashworth continued: “Because they’re not getting their letters.

“We’re not using community pharmacy effectively.”


“We’re not using the pop up centres, churches and mosques and temples.

“We’re not using the walk-in centres effectively.”

He went on: “And then when you look at the other bit of the vaccine programme, the children’s vaccination, that’s only running at around 15%.

“And for the last three weeks we’ve had around 10,000 cases a day amongst children.

“So why aren’t we using pharmacists,  walk-in centres to drive up vaccination rates?”

The booster doses are designed to improve the protection people have received from getting the first two doses of the vaccine.

However, it’s revealed that only 200,000 doses a day were being provided, half the 400,000 a day being given in the spring.

Ministers are urging the public eligible for a third dose to get jabbed.

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