Peter Andre's daughter Amelia, 6, heard talking for first time as she raves about McDonald's on family fast food run

PETER Andre’s daughter Amelia, six, can be heard talking for the first time as she raves about McDonald’s. 

The family escaped Tier 4 confinements for a mid-week treat to the fast food restaurant. 

The Mysterious Girl singer, 47, and his wife Emily, 31, took their two children Amelia, six, and Theo, four, to McDonald’s. 

Aside from documenting the delicious excursion, the video marked the first time viewers have heard Pete’s youngest daughter speak. 

It was also, possibly, Theo’s first taste of the Golden Arches as Pete and Emily discussed whether or not their son had ever tried it before.

In the video, Pete is discussing the new Tier 4 restrictions as he reveals thefast food chain is still open.

Sitting next to him in the car, his youngest daughter says in disbelief: "They're open 24 hours!"

Pete and Emily, an NHS doctor, have always been keen to keep their children out of the public eye. 

Apart from that infamous This Morning mishap, Pete has said in the past: "The younger kids have never been on TV, Emily just wants to keep them this way as long as possible and I respect that.”

He went on: "I remember people thinking it was going to be really difficult having Millie and Theo on TV and have their faces blurred but it's easy to do, people still get to know their personalities. You don't see their faces so you couldn't pick them out in the street, but you can see their personalities and that's what you really want to show."

Pete’s two older children (who he shares with ex-wife Katie Price, 42) –  Junior, 15, and Princess, 13 – have grown up in the limelight. 

The dad-of-four said: "From the very beginning, they have been on TV. They went through a stage where they didn't want to do anything and now they love doing it."

Most recently, Junior got mocked by his dad as a "Surrey gangsta" as he showed off his rap abilities, singing along to Central Cee's hit Loading on his dad's TikTok feed.

Junior, Peter's eldest child with ex-wife Katie Price, raps: "Cee don't be on the road too tough, but I still cut through with the local thugs."

Later he sings: "It's complicated 'cause the case still open, The boys in blue tryna find them clues, In the station, problem solvin'."

Alongside Junior is his 13-year-old sister Princess – but every time Peter tried to join in, they made sure he was sent packing.

Fans praised both of the TV star's children after watching the clip, which was filmed in the kitchen at the Surrey mansion he shares with doctor wife Emily.

Several people praised Junior's skills while others raved about Princess' hair, telling the star: "Your children are blessed in the gene department."

However, many felt sorry for him, with one writing: "Poor Pete trying to sneak into his own tik tok! 😂❤️."

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