Peter Weber Posted a Fully Produced, PDA-Filled Montage Video of His Love for Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber is no longer starring on The Bachelor, but fear not, he’s taken to producing his own ~love journey content~ and posting it to Instagram! Peter hit social media this morning with a full freakin’ video montage of himself and Kelley chilling in Miami that’s straight out of a romance movie. Like, Nicholas Sparks could truly never.

Not only do we get footage of Peter and Kelley skateboarding while holding hands, we get footage of them gleefully chasing each other around a golf cart, dancing while no one’s watching, and frolicking on a boat. Like, is this long lost Bachelor footage because the production quality is truly next level.

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As a reminder for those who have blocked Peter’s entire season out, he initially proposed to Hannah Ann, broke that off, got together with Madison Prewett, broke that off, and then started dating Kelley. They’ve been together since quarantine and are shaping up to be pretty cute (THERE, I SAID IT)—to the point where even Madison is into them. Direct quote: “Obviously I loved Peter, and I’m happy that he’s found a person that he feels he can be the best version of himself with, and that his family loves and supports.”

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