Phillip Schofield puts head in hands as Olly Murs takes on The Cube Couldnt be closer

The Cube: Olly Murs shocks Phillip as he wins game

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The ITV game show sees contestants standing inside a glass box and attempting to tackle different types of challenges, from brain teasers to coordination testers and physical tasks. In order to win £10,000 for UNICEF, Olly had to try to set off a circle of dominoes and position the final six at the end of the table before the falling stack reached them, using only one hand. After a string of lives had been used in previous rounds and one disastrous first attempt, the tension seemed too much for the This Morning presenter and host of The Cube, Phillip Schofield. As the money for charity hung in the balance, Phillip hid his face as the singer eventually managed to beat the Cube.

When he entered the cube, Olly clarified: “And it is just a little tap isn’t it?

“Once I’ve flicked it, I get straight to it?” Phillip agreed, asking: “Are you ready?”

“Born ready,” Olly replied confidently, gearing up for the task, which required quick thinking and a steady hand.

His first attempt saw him accidentally using both hands. “I panicked,” the 37-year-old said.

“It was a natural reaction.” Olly was advised to take his time as seven lives remained for the rest of the game.

“Okay, right, I’m ready to do it again,” Olly told Phillip as he steadied his nerves.

Joel watched nervously as Olly slowly built up the dominoes before the falling stack could catch up with them, but only narrowly made it.

Phillip breathed out heavily as the singer cheered: “Yes!”

Putting his face in his hands, the host seemed in disbelief as he yelled: “You couldn’t have been any closer!”

“In the corner of my eye I could just see it coming round,” Olly responded.

“To be fair, your outfit is as tight as a super hero’s,” Joel joked, referring to Olly’s shirt and jeans.

“Well done, that was incredible,” commented Phillip, 59. “And, it has got you £10,000.

“Big jump now – the next game is for £20,000.” The next task saw both celebrities having to use a button to manoeuvre a blue square on the floor of the Cube to the end zone, while avoiding the red squares dotted around.

One could move the squares up and down, and one left and right.

“I love this one, this is my kind of game,” Olly remarked. The men got off to a tense start, but luckily managed to complete the round after four attempts.

After achieving £50,000, the duo were asked if they wanted to continue trying to beat the Cube with the three lives they had.

“It’s a big risk,” Olly reflected. “Knowing what UNICEF do, and how much that’s going to change children’s lives, I really don’t want to risk the children not having that money.”

“I think you’re on the same page,” he added to Joel, who replied: “I agree, I think that is a very adult thing to do, Olly.”

“Well done guys,” Phillip said. “It’s been fantastic, you didn’t beat the Cube, but you will take away £50,000, well done.”

Soccer Aid for UNICEF airs on ITV on Saturday at 6.30pm.

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