Phillip Schofield took to Twitter to laugh at himself at This Morning mistake

Phillip Schofield had Holly Willoughby and the viewers at home in stitches after accidentally referencing an adult website on This Morning, and now Phillip has taken to Twitter to poke even more fun at himself following the hysterical gaffe. 

WATCH: Phillip Schofield accidentally makes major X-rated error on This Morning

In the clip from the breakfast show, a caller named Rebecca was asking about her package holiday with Love Holidays, with Phillip saying: “Rebecca, if Lovehoney said… Love Holidays! Lovehoney… that’s a whole different package coming through the door. It’s a different package holiday!”

LoveHoney responded with a hilarious meme

Without missing a beat, the adult site Love Honey shared a meme of the situation, writing: “When you confuse your Summer hols with our Summer Sale. It happens to the best of us @schofe. #ThisMorning.” The dad-of-two retweeted the hilarious response from the company, adding laughing emojis. 

He also retweeted a viewer who had filmed the clip, writing: “Phillip! What HAVE you been ordering,” replying: “Oh dear.” Plenty of viewers took to Twitter to share a laugh over the moment, with one writing: “I burst out laughing when I heard the slip up this morning, I had to explain to my mum why @Lovehoney was so funny and that you definitely aren’t a holiday company.” 

Holly and Phillip had a chuckle over the mishap

Another person wrote: “Haha that’s great and so funny. Your face @Schofe was great. A different package. Made my day.” Holly and Phillip often enjoy a laugh on the show and create plenty of talked-about moments. Viewers took to social media on Tuesday after a particularly controversial interview with Lady C while questioning her about her biography about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

During the interview, Phillip said: “For someone who allegedly moves in aristocratic circles, isn’t this all a bit tawdry and undignified?” Lady C said of her book, which looks into the past and future lives of the royals: “If you know anything about writing biographies, or what is regarded as a good biography, you have minimal input from the person about whom you are writing […] but you speak to everybody around them, you do not need to have input from them.”

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